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  1. That did the trick! thanks bro!
  2. Oh snap! I’ll give that a go now. Thanks!! ::edit:: there’s the exes and romfs folder where do I drop those?
  3. What am I doing wrong i got the SNES online installed dropped that into my sx os titles folder and nothing new comes up just the stock games..i'm using the US snes online app btw. Any ideas? sx os 2.8 8.1 fw
  4. METHamphibian

    👍 Doodle God Crime City + Update

    When in download multiple files it gives me a rar file usually with both inside. Right now it’s giving me a rar with error text files.
  5. METHamphibian

    👍 Doodle God Crime City + Update

    Tried downloading the base and update and got a .rar file with error txt files. ::EDIT:: I did one at a time and it's working now.
  6. METHamphibian

    DarkUmbra Early Access Team

  7. METHamphibian

    【nsp】【GD】Devil May Cry NO ADS

    Proper! Thanks dude!
  8. 8.1 SX OS with aluminum foil and tinfoil og.
  9. kefirupdater worked like a charm! EDIT: I can't get my backed up saves to work... UPDATE: after tinkering around I found out I had to restore my saves with checkpoint to the original profile. Maybe it’s not needed but it worked for me!
  10. METHamphibian


    i cant get passed link nintendo account..
  11. Just look at this characters posts he slams everyone saying it’s from HBG..
  12. METHamphibian

    Fight Club (Animated Theme 6x-7x)

    Anyway you can make this for 8.x please? Proper man! Love Fight Club.
  13. METHamphibian

    👍 Darkwood + Update

    Thanks man! Been wanting this for awhile!