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  1. Can someone upload the JPN version of Splatoon 2 v4.9.0 update to Google Drive, 1fichier, openload or MEGA? Thx
  2. Can someone please upload Team_Sonic_Racing_MULTI_NSW-HR in the scene format (not the single xci, the scene format is the separable archives) to zippyshare? I don't have anywhere else to request scene releases for now, so it would be appreciated if someone is willing to do it.
  3. 1425720626

    Wii U Scene Requests

    Currently looking for these scene releases, anyone have it? Mario_Kart_8_v02_USA_MULTi3_WiiU-PUSSYCAT Puyo_Puyo_Tetris_JAP_WiiU-PUSSYCAT Please upload to Zippyshare or Openload, thanks in advance.
  4. A v1.1 update has been released a day ago, anyone have the updates for the JPN and USA versions?
  5. The scene release is just out yesterday, can anyone upload it and post it here?