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  1. I love this game, but the latest update as if not so good. I have sound the first problem, when start the game and Mario say: "Suppppaa Mariooo Odysse-gre-greey" - break the sound. Second problem in the intro video, then the music and the sound played with echo effect and distort. I cancel the switch menu and back the game, this time the sound fixed... but not perfect always. I used SXOS 2.9.3+fw 9.1.0... I tryed docking and handheld mode but same play the sound... the sound setting up in stereo. Someone met this error? 🙄
  2. I have a problem with the Super Mario Odyssey... opening movie and in the game played the sound with echo fx... how can i fixed or other method?
  3. I try now the EU language-pack (sxos/titles/...) with SXOX 2.9.2+FW 9.0.1 but not working... 😩 update: ...nothing already... i extract again the sxos folders, thats work fine now... problem solved 😁
  4. @TurboSnail And the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection+latest updated custom xci.
  5. @TurboSnail i search The First Tree, but not find in the list... can you uploading all type?
  6. The new custom xci works fine with 9.0.1/sxos 2.9.2! Thanks @TurboSnail
  7. @TurboSnail Please the Adventure Time Pirates of the Enchiridion+latest update in custom xci.
  8. @TurboSnaileven if you only add the folder I uploaded? it's only 62mb, still small. 🤔 just making one custom xci with text files, no audio pack.