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  1. kurtkurtguy

    [Wii] How to install DML or DM (Dios Mios)

    Thanks for this! This method still works the best for me!
  2. kurtkurtguy

    Hackers reportedly leak Xbox One SDK

    Keeping it just to have it. thanks
  3. what loader are you using? i use wiiflow exclusively from usb. what works for me is using PimpMyWii first to download any and all iso you may be missing. [Hidden Content] best of luck
  4. that is a good list. i still own my cdi...what a waste of money. the only games i had/have are a tennis game and burn cycle. oh the memories
  5. nice post..deserves some rep!
  6. kurtkurtguy

    Best NSMB Wii custom game

    did you try any one your own or just looking for a place to start?
  7. kurtkurtguy

    Best NSMB Wii custom game

    i recommend this one...i LOVE the cover! [Hidden Content]
  8. Not sure about this game at all, but it is nice to see a chance for an organization to offer something "free". It is a good way to expose other that might not be interested a chance to try it out. Source: joystiq
  9. kurtkurtguy

    problem with Wiiflow (Mod 3.1 -r590)

    so i turned on my wii today and loaded up wiiflow and there was a new feature on the top right hand side that is like the disc channel. i now get a request from wiiflow to extract the NAND, but when i choose to copy the nand, no files/folders are transfered to the usb hd. i have to power off to set it to reset too as it gets stuck on this request screen. anybody have any suggestions? fixed it by turning off the use of the NAND. would still like to use this feature, but not sure about how to do this as it won't copy the NAND. thanks DU!
  10. kurtkurtguy

    greatest dsi flashcart out there?

    i swear by the TTDS. i have never had a problem with any game and the emulators are top notch. it is updated officially and unofficially. ya can get it for real cheap if ya shop around. best of luck!
  11. kurtkurtguy

    Ouya receives over $1M in less than 8 hours

    my buddy told me about Kickstarter..very cool
  12. kurtkurtguy

    [PC] windows 7 GodMode

    nice tip! will try it out. +rep
  13. kurtkurtguy

    shout box not working and posting issues

    no help with CTRL + F5. Will install Firefox now. thanks
  14. kurtkurtguy

    [Wii] How to install DML or DM (Dios Mios)

    followed all steps as described above and same result. still getting the same message to copy to the sd card. any other ideas are welcome and needed. thanks! did a complete recheck and my HD is set to cluster size 64 and not 32. when i tried to change it with the paragon program, it does it scan and concludes that i don't have enough memory and won't continue!! i am unclear if it is memory on my HD or computer.
  15. kurtkurtguy

    [Wii] How to install DML or DM (Dios Mios)

    do you think it might be my emulated NAND?? I still get the "loader not found" message while playing wiiware. also have an option to select "plug-ins" in wiiflow for the emulated NAND but nothing is listed. i am so close i can taste it. may have to view the clusters and see if that is the problem too. keep me posted if ya hear anything about this. THANKS!