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  1. i appreciate the work that went into this. thank you
  2. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  3. kurtkurtguy

    [FCDN] Android - only Paid - Week 20 2016 - GAME

    dang. no longer available
  4. kurtkurtguy

    rooting Nextbook 11A

    Hello, Been looking all over the place for rooting my Nextbook 11A on 5.1. tried kingroot but no joy. not sure if it able to be rooted, but it is only on 5.1. just seeing if you guys had other recommendations. google had no helpful info. thanks
  5. kurtkurtguy

    abgx dat file

    that is a damn good deal...like a $1 a disc. can't snag them now but will keep an eye open. THANKS! +Rep
  6. kurtkurtguy

    abgx dat file

    thanks for the response...i redownloaded the program and installed the new ini file. it is working great after updating it with current video_waves files. just need some new dual layer discs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. kurtkurtguy

    abgx dat file

    Hello, been searching my eyeballs out for the abgx dat file but having no luck. been to countless sights and even went on thepiratebay. trouble is that when i downloaded the current abgx program, the data file is not included. am having issues with it identifying games and was seeing if having the file would fix the issue. would like to have my file system looking like this guys: [hide][Hidden Content]] thanks for any help with this or any recommendations
  9. kurtkurtguy

    [MULTI] [PC] [LEGO.Batman.3.Beyond.Gotham-FLT]

    game installs but get an error when i try to play it. WINDOWS IS CHECKING FOR A SOULTION TO THE PROBLEM no luck
  10. kurtkurtguy

    [MEGA][PC] Super Mario 64 HD

    thanks for the upload. installed the game, but not as impressed as i thought it i would be. great go at it, but not my cup of tea.
  11. kurtkurtguy


    Thanks, but quite talking about me that way guys! REP