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  1. [Release] Monopoly - Fifa 18 - NBA 2K18 - Ben 10

    I will upload these games on Google Drive, maybe tomorrow, maybe a little bit later... Here:
  2. Games are ready for all PS3s - CFW (PS3 Phat, PS3 Slim CECH-25XX and below) and all OFW Phat, Slim and SuperSlim models - USA, EUR and JPN. Tested on EUR PS3 SuperSlim console. Wait for more games! Install all downloaded .pkg files in the correct order from USB root through Package Manager on your PS3. Sorry for my bad english. How to prepare SuperSlim model to install game packages [Hidden Content] Using a Network to Transfer PKGs larger than 4GB [Hidden Content] Update 23/4/18 - 3 games [Hidden Content]
  3. Some of us had issues with installing previous upload.. if you installed the first upload successfully. . you had a lucky...