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  1. Use these games only if you use last CFW from dimok, Sigpatcher or RedNand on your console! How to start CFW 1) Download needed app -- HERE. 2) Put this app into the SD Card --> SD:/apps/sigpatcher2sysmenu/app_files 3) Start Homebrew Launcher (through the website) and then Sigpatcher2sysmenu. 4) You will see home screen again. 5) Now you can install and play games from this thread using WUP Installer from Homebrew Launcher. Note that you have to start Sigpatcher2sysmenu every time you start the console (for now) if you want to play (or install) CFW games. This is a safe method. If you try to play these games without booted Sigpatcher, only error code appears but nothing more - NO brick! 23 Games [Hidden Content]
  2. Some of us had issues with installing previous upload.. if you installed the first upload successfully. . you had a lucky...