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  1. Hi people, Here is the link for the game Mass Effect 3 Special Edition EUR (PAL) - WiiU. This version is to be installed via WUP Installer, this download already includes update v16 !!! ;D [Hidden Content]
  2. Hi, I was able to unzip this .wud using Uwizard, I could because I found the "Title Key" of Just Dance 2019 EUR (PAL) with cat-hjdp.key and the "WiiU Common Key" on this site: [Hidden Content] After that I found the title.tik "Just Dance 2019 EUR (PAL).tik" inside the extracted file and made it available at this links: Just Dance 2019 USA (NTSC) - WiiU.tik [Hidden Content] Just Dance 2019 EUR (PAL) - WiiU.tik [Hidden Content] To download the game for wup installer just open this title on uTikDownloadHelper with dlc and updates! ;D
  3. Math_612

    [MEGA] Excite Truck (WBFS NTSC-U)