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  1. Will this update fix the cut parts from long texts?
  2. UmbraKaDabra

    Story of Seasons Friends of Mineral Town |XCI|NSP|ENG PATCH |

    You're the man!
  3. UmbraKaDabra

    Little Town Hero | XCI | NSP | GD

    Much appreciated!
  4. I understand, I appreciate the links regardless. Love your posts Turbo!
  5. I know you're doing your best but 1Fichier & 1Drive are complete and total dogshit. They get REALLY slow and all these dumb wait times between downloads..
  6. Can you upload the DLC on GoogleDrive? Or at least Mega?
  7. Just a heads up people.
  8. Can't download the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Torna The Golden Country [Update v1.0.2] I keep getting: You need permission
  9. I keep hearing from people that its already released but when I go to the page its still 0.7
  10. I have the latest sigpatches [Hidden Content] Yeah I read your post, I was wondering if it wont install fire emblem 3 houses due to goldleaf being incompatible with the latest atmosphere version. Do you also have issues installing nsps using goldleaf?
  11. Everytime I try installing a game I get this now Error: 0x234c02 Module: FS (2) Description: Invalid NCA (might mean missing sigpatches or a too low firmware) (4518)
  12. After installing Atmosphere 0.9.4 + Kosmos 14.0.1 every time I go to GoldLeaf to install Fire Emblem 3 houses I get: Error: 0x234c02 Module: FS (2) Description: Invalid NCA (might mean missing sigpatches or a too low firmware) (4518) How do I fix this??