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  1. verne94

    Nintendo E3 2019 Press Kit

    Go get 'em! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]/Event [Hidden Content]
  2. verne94

    Nintendo E3 2018 Press Kit

    For Sakurai's sake, it took more attempts than expected to guess the password. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]/Event [Hidden Content]
  3. verne94

    [WBFS] Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 PAL

  4. Almost 150 GB! I got all of these (except the files in the Other folder) time ago from a now dead private torrent tracker. I filled the Other folder during the last years with NGC related stuff from any other web source. Missing Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disks can be found in the Other folder. AFAIK there are all of the Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disks known to exist. Feel free to reupload and mirror anywhere (here too). [Hidden Content]
  5. verne94

    Yoshi's Woolly World EUR WiiU VENOM

  6. verne94

    [MF/MEGA][WBFS] Brawl+

  7. verne94

    Project M 3.6 - WBFS

  8. Thanks! Stupid-dumb-someonewouldasksthisinsomeway question: could someone patch this into a NSMBW Iso so that Newer can be played via USB without Riivolution?
  9. verne94

    [WBFS] Super Mario Bros 3+ NTSC

  10. verne94

    [MEGA] Sonic Jump

    It's back!
  11. verne94

    [MEGA] Sonic Jump

    Finally, thanks to Sonic-scene.ru, here's the TRUE Sonic Jump app, the one (not the 2012 remake) that was only avaiable in Japan. Tilt your smartphone to play the game! [hide][Hidden Content]]