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  1. verne94

    Nintendo E3 2018 Press Kit

    For Sakurai's sake, it took more attempts than expected to guess the password. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]/Event [Hidden Content]
  2. verne94

    Nintendo E3 2012 Press Kit

    No, it's not a DU exclusive, but it's a secret to everybody
  3. verne94

    Nintendo E3 2012 Press Kit

    SnooPING AS usual around.. Also use this login at press.nintendo.com username: [Hidden Content] password: [Hidden Content]
  4. verne94

    Nintendo E3 2012 Press Kit

    Get a load of this! [Hidden Content] Login: [Hidden Content] Pass: [Hidden Content] Have a look at those release dates and Kirby's Dream Collection Special Edition on Wii!
  5. verne94

    How can i watch this gamecube videos?

    Both two doesn't support those files, seems only this way for h4m emutalk, the .vid format is unknown until now...
  6. verne94

    How can i watch this gamecube videos?

    No, it doesn't work, i tried to upload them to Youtube but it doesn't convert them...
  7. I ripped some videos from gamecube demo discs but i don't know how to watch/convert them! They are .vid and .h4m: is there any way? Thanks...