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  1. WWUM

    Wii U Hdd Installation Guide

    @DaFixer it’s the same process. But for the Wii there’s no optical drive case. But luckily we have made a bracket that’s screws into the exisiting hole mounts that the optical drive goes into. So you can mount the wii’s Pcb and a 2.5” hdd
  2. Hi guys, This is my take on the Wii U HDD internal HDD mod, This is a pretty simple mod to do you will have to have some experience with soldering as this is a MUST for soldering the USB wires to the USB points that are located on the bottom of the motherboard. So I'm not going into detail on the complete tear down of the Wii U. So here is a guide. So once you have the Wii U's optical drive removed, you will need to remove the optical drives PCB board which looks like this, the optical drive comes in it's own metal case. ( this is needed to trick the Wii U in order to boot the Wii U without any errors ). You will need to remove the screws and ribbon cables that have the yellow arrow in the image below. Once you have removed the optical drive's PCB board it would look like this. Also I wrapped it in electrical tape for safety measures. Once that is done you can place the PCB board back into the optical drive case and screw it back in place. Now For installing the HDD, I used a 2.5'' SATA HDD from a old laptop (400gb) and then I purchased a 2.5'' caddy mount from Amazon /Ebay is your best source for finding one. I had to cut off the handle on the caddy. Then I used a USB 2.0 to SATA Adapter Cable for 2.5" Hard Drive. I also had to cut out a notch in the optical drives case too feed through the cables. Now lets move onto the soldering part of this mod. So you will need to cut the end off the USB 2.0 to SATA Adapter Cable for 2.5" Hard Drive cable and expose the 4 wires and solder the correct wires to the image below, you will also need to add 2 jumper wires so you are able to do this HDD mod, as this acts like a Y cable as it draws power from the second USB port. I also made a small notch in the motherboard so I could route the wires/cable too the top of the motherboard. I fed the wires to the top of the board and routed them behind the fan. I had to make a small cut out notch on the black bracket mount in-order too feed the cable. I also made a new hole for the cable in the optical drive case for better routing of the cable. So after this has all been done, test the HDD mod before you put the Wii U back together too insure that the Wii U is reading the HDD you soldered too the motherboard. Once its working and has been formatted, you can put the WIi U back together, Just follow the video I linked above and work backwards too put it back together. Link too our Facebook group is in the YouTube description. Images Adapter Adelphia Amazo 74 Year Old Grandma Shocks Doctors: Forget... 74 Year Old Grandma Shocks Doctors: Forget Botox, Do This secure.calch.gdn
  3. Here is the official Wii U RetroArch Build By CrazyMac Join our Facebook Group for around the clock support on the build and have access to the download link, V3 will be coming out in a few month and the only place you'll find it is on our Facebook group. -55 System/Collections -Custom Playlists -11,000 Roms -99.9% Artwork for all roms -Full Complete port of the Bezel Project to the Wii U incorporating per rom, system & handheld bezels. -All vertical roms automatically flipped 180 degrees, (by default they launch upside down for some strange reason) -All playlists preconfigured to launch with correct emulator straight away. YouTube Walk Through Video _ Join us - [Hidden Content]