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  1. mastershoes

    [Filebin][Super SNES]  Trials of Mana

    Thanks Killa!
  2. mastershoes

    WII U Scene Games Collection 1Fichier

    Don't Copy/Paste the password. That fails. If you type it in manually (with the proper capitals) it works fine.
  3. mastershoes

    NDownloader 1.0 beta

    Since there's no Switch PC Apps kind of section, i'm moving it to homebrew. More fitting than in Games. If there comes a time when there are enough Switch PC apps to warrant a new subforum, i will create one. @robak123 you gotta stop being rude in these threads your reporting, seriously. You do a great job of reporting, but your continued trash talking is getting to be a problem. Please ease it up. Just report it and leave it alone, no need for a comment in the thread.
  4. Stickied, nice job on this. BEST. PASSWORD. EVER.
  5. mastershoes

    How many likes one can have in one day?

    There is a limit, i believe it's 20 or 25.
  6. mastershoes

    JJ-Kwik content error

    @RiseFromURGrave JJ requested all of his content to be removed from the site a few months ago.
  7. mastershoes

    request: harry potter the collection

    Actually man, this is posted in the request forum lol. Don't be so rude.
  8. mastershoes

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Alright, enough of this garbage. Sorry I couldn't handle this earlier, was busy at work all day. Anyways DU's worst member ever has been banned... I will be doing some clean up in this thread as soon as i can.
  9. mastershoes

    Cover download failure in wiiflow for roms

    Wiiflow won't download emulator covers for you, you need to download them and add them yourself. Refer to this thread for plugin info: [Hidden Content] I have a thread posted here and on gbatemp with a ton of covers for ya. Their mirrored threads, but the one on gbatemp is waaaay more up to date. [Hidden Content]
  10. mastershoes

    3+hrs and still cant get boxart working on wiiflow

    @ballbreaker88 - the .ini's default location is wiiflow/boxcovers. So if your covers are in wiiflow/boxcovers/cps1 - you would only have to enter cps1 as the cover folder. That's how I have mine setup, and here is my .ini file. [PLUGIN] arguments={device}:/{path}/|{name} bannersound=fba_cps1.ogg consolecoverid= covercolor=ffffff coverfolder=CPS1 displayname=FBA CPS1 dolfile=retroarch-wii/fba_cores_cps1_libretro_wii.dol filetypes=.zip magic=43505331 romdir=retroarchroms/CPS1/
  11. mastershoes

    Kamen Rider - Battride War II [ABWJAF] - Loadiine Ready [JPN]

    Thanks for the heads up that it checks the SD card. I'm using CBHC, and as soon as i removed my SD card it fired right up.
  12. mastershoes

    [MF] SDLMame-Wii & RetroArch-Wii Forwarders

    Links are still live... maybe im out of bandwidth? Can't really afford to purchase any more at the moment. Doh.
  13. mastershoes

    [MEGA] Guitar Hero : Metallica (WBFS NTSC-U)

    Try Again? I just checked the link and it's fine for me.
  14. Here, you'll want to grab the set from this thread. Anything that existed in cool1's set is in there, with cleaner artwork. I went through every one of his covers awhile back, so this thread is kind of outdated.
  15. mastershoes

    [MF] PepXL's USB Loader GX Themed Forwarders

    I didn't remove it, i never posted it because i planned of tweaking it and never got around to it. I do however still have the .wad, so here ya go! [Hidden Content]