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  1. Wii

    As long as the app is ONLY on the USB, forwarding should be no problem (as long as the forwarder looks for usb). Perhaps when you setup the 2nd hard drive, wiiflow created a dummy folder on your sd (if you have one)? I would look there first, cuz it happens, and would be a quick fix (just delete sd wiiflow folders if they were created). Second suggestion would be to re-copy the 1st hd's wiiflow shiz to the 2nd hd again just to make sure all copied as it should. It really doesn't make sense that it would forward to one hd and not the other if they are exact copies.
  2. Here, you'll want to grab the set from this thread. Anything that existed in cool1's set is in there, with cleaner artwork. I went through every one of his covers awhile back, so this thread is kind of outdated.
  3. On the bottom right of each post is a little box that says "like this". Click the box.
  4. Try re-downloading part 2.
  5. Did you go into the settings menu and set the cover directory? Read the How to Install spoiler in the OP. This app is for list view, there's a different app for grid view.
  6. Awesome topic, thanks for the enlightenment.
  7. Usually the result of a corrupted download, try downloading it again. Haven't re-tested any games specifically on vwii, but it should. Works for me in Nintendont on my regular wii.
  8. I didn't remove it, i never posted it because i planned of tweaking it and never got around to it. I do however still have the .wad, so here ya go!
  9. Links (hidden content) are hidden until you reply to the thread, than they should be available to you.
  10. Hi

    You came to the right place! Welcome to DU, have fun on the forums
  11. You'd be surprised! Also, great message! Welcome to DU.
  12. Yay! Welcome to DU.
  13. No, I am not trying to antagonize you, and I never actually called you disrespectful. I apologize if I'm coming off aggressive. But being a mod, and reading your first two posts (Your Intro topic of - blah blah blah, and the one here, which was your second overall post) I am just doing my best to keep negative/garbage posts off these threads. However, I totally contributed to the negativity with my comment, and that's not cool either, so again I apologize for that. I'm also in no way trying to bully you into what to type, but replies like "i replied" are kinda bogus imo, especially when someone took the time to upload and host the files, whether the link is good or not. That's all i have to say on the subject, if you want to continue the conversation feel free to PM me, but I don't want to clutter up this thread anymore. Really, I hope we all can just get along, and you can find something on this forum to bring you joy.
  14. You made that reply before you checked the link, did you not? Either way, the point is to be respectful to the members that take their time to upload things for the community.