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  1. dead4u2day

    Epic Poker Avatars!

  2. dead4u2day

    Wii 4.3e help

    Its been a long time since i jacked with a wii but ret 6 is a dvd error if i remember right. Also the easier way to acco.plish this is in priiloader and just boot to what you are using ie wiiflow etc there are tons of arricles to help
  3. dead4u2day

    Shoutbox Conduct

    Im just gonna leave this here o the good ol days lol
  4. dead4u2day

    Hidden Content

    You have to say thank you to see links
  5. Confirmed on the download currently
  6. dead4u2day

    my tatts

    She got her wings bla bla bla double post
  7. dead4u2day

    September 13th, 2012

  8. dead4u2day

    Epic Chat Failure

    Thank you captain state the obvious JK I got nothing and all is updated
  9. dead4u2day

    Epic Chat Failure

    Thx JJ still no go
  10. dead4u2day

    Epic Chat Failure

    Ya still nada tried that before but tried again still no love
  11. dead4u2day

    Epic Chat Failure

    On my pc I can read chat just cant send them works fine on my phone any thoughts? Also I have tried on several different browsers same result Thanks
  12. dead4u2day

    my tatts

    My work in progress
  13. dead4u2day

    What Are You Listening To?

    Not Zeros band lazy slackers
  14. dead4u2day

    March 13th, 2012

    well warlock you stolr my stock answer so my new one will be not at you but old enough to do your mom
  15. dead4u2day

    March 12th, 2012