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  1. Love the levels so far. Thanks! It black screens after completeing 4-Airship.
  2. Is there going to be going to be a NTSC release? Looks good. Whats missing if you play with a NTSC disc? Just textures?
  3. Thanks, I've found VIP riivo version. I'll post it for others after I play through and fix the issues. (For example 2-Castle black screens) Still looking for the Asutoromario game. I've played every NSMBWii Mod on this site. Some of the levels in VIP are in other games, but some are never seen before. It will keep me occupied while I wait for DUSMBA and Newer Summer Special to come out.
  4. Anyone have these Japanese NSMBWii Mods? As seen here: and (Check out other videos in his channel) Love to play these, but don't speak Japanese, and google translate isn't helping much. Few download links I've found are now dead. If anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Also is it just me or is it impossible to embed youtube videos??
  5. Ceddy

    USB Loader GX vs WiiFlow

    USB Loader CFG. I've just started to use WiiFlow and GX, but still like CFG much more.
  6. Ceddy

    [MF] Fry's Themes