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  1. thank you so incredibly much! finally I was able to make Pokemon Shield run without crashing on my switch! What do you mean with "And every reset it will turn on again automatically"? Only after every cold boot (power off and power on) it requires to be changed again or after very sleep?
  2. For some reason the shield game is crashing as soon as I enter or leave the house of Hop... Sword is working fine though Edit: I found the failure and this is the fix for it: [Hidden Content]
  3. thank you very much! small files, good install times and no errors or crashes. Keep up the good work!
  4. thank you so much for a working compilation of the Base Game, DLCs and Update!
  5. tested like 5 different games and all links were down
  6. cool, all files still up many thanks!
  7. Zockerspast

    ❗✅❗Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Update :) NSP TESTED✅

    both files are down again, in case you already uploaded them again.
  8. Download does not exists, can you upload again pls?