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  1. Guys, I'm leaving the scene, and no more update will be released. I don't have time to follow it. I gave the source code to other guy who will release own GUI with many features like title info/picture.
  2. Again, version is the games update, Nintendo named those with 0,65536, 131072, etc. You can check if a specifc update is released here: [Hidden Content]
  3. Did you tried to manual download like the following? CDNSP.py -r -g 0100e95004038000-0-49c2c307708a1ba9efa7dcd25b8d1bc4
  4. Do you have CDNSP already installed and configured? If not, you can download my AllInOne setup v1.0.3 and then update the GUI to 1.0.5. If the version is 0 (Zero) you are downloading main game. If there are updates for that game, just select the latest update version. As already explained/wrote many times here, you can find games update version from the following link: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. CDNSP v1.0.5 Changelog: *** A BIG THANK YOU GO TO ZOTAN FOR HIS COLLABORATION *** - Fix Update Zotan DataBase - Added Manual Downoad Button (fill TitleID, TitleKey amd version boxes) - Some minor BugFix
  6. Why you don't use custom_keys.txt?
  7. Here a present for people who is not able to install and configure CDNSP: [Hidden Content] This setup will install Python and its dependencies, plus CDNSP with My GUI... Everything already configured, so install and execute it, and you're ready to download Here some info: - Do not change the installation directory, if you do it I cannot guarantee that it works - After installation is done, you'll have the CDNSP directory in your desktop. You can update and change the CDNSP with the one you prefer. - This package should work both on x86 and x64 machine (I tried on x64)
  8. The GUI will use the following Zotan Key DB: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. CDNSP v1.0.3 Changelog: - Activated the Online Key Update Check (Red means NO UPDATE, Green means UPDATE AVAILABLE, so Just Update it using the related button) - Still working on Queue download, the code is implemented but need more time to be activated - Some minor BugFix What is not clear when I wrote: "Guys, no mirror please!" ???
  10. Added Gdrive link for 1.0.1 Guys please, where possible use the easybytez mirror.
  11. Check the gamez update version here: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Then choose the same version on the GUI and download it
  12. I'll upload asap on GDrive
  13. No you need to download game AND latest update What do you mean?
  14. CDNSP v1.0.1 Changelog: *** A BIG THANK YOU GO TO ZOTAN FOR HIS COLLABORATION *** - Introducing Dual Keys DataBase (Custom and Zotan). Custom is local DB, Zotan is a constantly update DB maintened by Zotan itself - Download update Zotan Keys DB - Automatically check Zotan Database Update (WILL BE ACTIVATED IN THE NEXT RELEASE) - Double Click to Download title (NEXT VERSION WILL INTRODUCE THE QUEUE) Choose the related update version from Combo and download it