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  1. Well, since you tried it with an inserted rom that was renamed to data.bin and it doesn't work, you have your answer.
  2. If you extract ddafd7682a73a3ef03ed38592589125e.nca with hactool from the nsp, the file gb/data.bin is the gbc rom. It's 2.1MB. It runs is VBA. I'm going to try it on my everdrive. EDIT: Works really well on real hardware on everdrive!
  3. I would also like to request this. Thanks!
  4. You need a link account or it won't work, NES or SNES. To link offline if you are not linked (need a linked US and JP profile) you need to download a donor, unencrypted profile and reencrypt it with your switch keys and import it. Then use that profile to play.
  5. emuman100

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System Online (NSP)

    Thanks guys! I can verify it works on 8.0.1. Is it patched not to phone home? How does that work?
  6. emuman100

    Super Nintendo Entertainment System Online (NSP)

    Anyone look at this with NSC builder?
  7. Thanks for the report. The 1.0.8 update also works on 8.0.1 using ReiNX 2.4.
  8. He provides all the files you need to make it yourself.
  9. Can anyone verify that the 1.0.8 update works on 8.0.1 firmware?
  10. emuman100

    Turok 2: Seeds of Evil [NSP]

    I have updated to 8.0.1 and can confirm that 8.0.1 is required for Turok 2.