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  1. Anonymous_Umbra

    [A_U] Anonymous_Umbra Channel Forwarders

    I'll try to do most of the main emulators if I ever get around to them. Thanks Mastershoes!
  2. Anonymous_Umbra's Channel Forwarder Thread I completely forgot about these and forgot to upload them! A big shout out to Mastershoes as well for the information on how to edit/make these! I did not create the originals but heavily edited them. The image above shows mine compared to the originals, I hope you like them! Due to my busy schedule I may/may NOT be able to create more as these do take time to make. If you like this style these should be right up your ally. All images were from Dolphin, Fraps doesn't seem to like dolphin so I couldn't get any decent footage They are animated with their own loopable music. If you like my forwarders please leave a comment or a like to show your appreciation. Feedback is always great. Shoot me a PM if you want as well. The Wiirtual Boy and Genesis Plus GX Forwarder was created by Anonymous_Umbra. All forwarders listed have Fix 94's v14 forwarding source. EDIT: Darkumbra crashed when submitting and had to retype all of this. I have tested my forwarders on Dolphin, and on my 4.3u Wii, they work. When installing WADs please use proper brick protection! Check Out These Awesome Channel Forwarders! Wiirtual Boy Genesis Plus GX
  3. Thanks for all the help.
  4. Anonymous_Umbra

    [MF] Kirby TV Channel (Europe?)

    Cool! Thanks
  5. Anonymous_Umbra

    [MF] Shadows' Game Forwarder Channels

    Thank you.
  6. Anonymous_Umbra

    [MF] SDLMame-Wii & RetroArch-Wii Forwarders

    Loving all of these, looks great as always thanks mastershoes.
  7. Anonymous_Umbra

    [MF] My Wii Channels Collection

    Some of these look great. Thanks.
  8. Anonymous_Umbra

    [DD] Facebook Internet Forwarder Channel

    Such an old thread, great utility channel however. Thanks a bunch.
  9. Anonymous_Umbra

    Project M 3.6 - WBFS

  10. Anonymous_Umbra

    [MF] PepXL's USB Loader GX Themed Forwarders

    Came here for kick ass forwarders. WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED.
  11. Anonymous_Umbra

    [AC] Sega Saturn Full Romset

    I will check this out. Thanks for uploading.
  12. Anonymous_Umbra

    [MF] 4.3U Themes