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  1. Currently this can be done with ps3 uk to get scott pilgrim, which was delisted in the NA store a few days ago. Couch co-op 4 player beatem up with many great reveiws... I am on the fence as to if I will do this.
  2. Im a little behind in systems as I just got a ps3 a month ago. I received my free downloads but I was checking to see is Januarys freebies are ready from my phone. Well, I discovered from my phone I can purchase PS4 free games!! This means if I keep doing this when I eventualy get a PS4 I will have tons of games ready to down load! Injustice is free untill the new ps4 games roll in aprox jan 6. Log on to psn from a pc or phone and claim your free games. Log in put them in the cart and complete the transaction so they show as purchased. According to ps+ rules you can download then at a later date as long as they were purchased already. If I get a ps4 next year I will have 24 games waiting!
  3. Selection is sure to be improved. [Hidden Content]
  4. So, easy...don't think this will be around long. Works for Pandora and Hulu too! [Hidden Content] I know...not much of a tut, more of a ... just so you know.
  5. beast

    [DD] Win 7 ultimate SP1 64bit or 32bit single link!!

    Easy enough, thanks.
  6. beast

    [Mega]Simple Port Forwarding_v3.0.20_setup+Serial

    Looks useful. Thanks. link dead.
  7. new version? man i am so far out of the wii loop
  8. beast

    [PC] windows 7 GodMode

    Sweet nectar!
  9. Wheel of Fortune will actualy let you choose letters and actions but the recognition is not ver good.
  10. Still waiting to find this in the bin for $5. When i do i will be ready! THANKS
  11. beast

    Wii U Will Be Region Locked

    This is one reason they make them region locked, another is release dates. The DS is not region locked. Many older systems were not but had to contend with Pal vs NTSC... NA and JP games were in many cases interchangeable though. Though i did have to mod the SNES to make it work ( Instructions to follow hehe). [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Too bad i was thinking of buying a few of these.
  13. Does not work in Canada (newegg.ca has 3 games and they are all released already) Thnaks though.
  14. beast

    [MF] Windows 7 48 copies ISO

    Sweet dude, looking to see what 48 windows version they are!