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  1. Sunnyboy

    REZ (Reicast-Dreamcast-Widescreen 60 fps)

    Any place for the games?
  2. here no any problem just take the two nsp, take NSC builder 0,82 make a xci and select patch to 7 and ready you go
  3. thnx for sharing but the links are only the update
  4. Thnx man for sharing
  5. Sunnyboy

    (REQUEST) Among the Sleep XCI

    just NSP, convert it to XCI
  6. Sunnyboy

    reNXpack V1.16

    it`s always working but te last week a got this error the last i try whas super life of pixel
  7. Sunnyboy

    reNXpack V1.16

    i have the newest key, it always works but sinds the newest games i get this error is there a new key beside 7?
  8. Sunnyboy

    reNXpack V1.16

    When i wanne convert the newest games to 7.0 i got a strange error Creating xml metadata renxpack_extracted_nsp\d31a3f1766be6e14e2b66155d5aab787.cnmt.xml unable to create nsp anyone here has the same? or is there a other way to patch the game to a lower version?
  9. Sunnyboy

    Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

    it`s a difference link Thief simulation?
  10. youre great, i have all mine ps3 from you and now the switch thanks for sharing
  11. Thank you, youre a great guy for sharing all the games
  12. Sunnyboy


    Hi, i found a couple ps3 in the old box there are all 4.30 is it possible that somebody still has this REBUG_4.65.2_D-REX_PS3UPDAT.PUP somewhere? so i can flash the ps3 special thanks to all the people