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  1. Sunnyboy

    Masters of Anima

    Anyone has this in his collection?
  2. damn, site is blocked
  3. Sunnyboy

    HCA's PS3 Collection [1Fichier] 1500+ Games.

    share folder not found
  4. found it here, special thnx, youre for me still the best
  5. Sunnyboy

    👍 Devil May Cry

    i have teste youre version of XCI it`s working GREAT thnx
  6. Sunnyboy

    👍 Devil May Cry

    thnx, for uploading. gonne try youre version i have already teste 2 version but in the beginning with the first statue when i push a i got a software error? and when i pass the first door when im climing up the same software error? can i game it wihtout internet?
  7. can i just convert them to XCI? or must i use the retro only for this?
  8. Sunnyboy

    REZ (Reicast-Dreamcast-Widescreen 60 fps)

    Any place for the games?
  9. here no any problem just take the two nsp, take NSC builder 0,82 make a xci and select patch to 7 and ready you go