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  1. bj4e2

    [MF] Bj4e2's Ulitmate 4.X Theme Thread

    no problem, it seems that Nintendo is taking down my themes from my media fire account. I'll have to reup them, maybe add some new effects.
  2. bj4e2

    Custom Xbox360 case for my son

    my first wii case is still sitting off to the side, I wanted to make a sabres case with leds and it didn't turn out the way I wanted. I'm open to suggestions on a wii, xbox360 and ps3 case mod. I would do my 3ds but it's already the zelda one. My whole office was filled with the limited edition zelda posters.
  3. bj4e2

    Custom Xbox360 case for my son

    took about a week, it's got a nice polish to it.
  4. It's been a while since I've been on here, and I was a little bored and made a custom case for my son. now I have to think of an idea for mine
  5. bj4e2

    Zelda Snuggie

    I was bored and made a snuggie that actually fits me, put a hood on it and some front pockets. It does open so it's kinda like a pullover that goes to your feet.
  6. bj4e2

    January 13th, 2012

    devs should not leave glitches in games, and until it's patched use it. Then they ban you for the crap work they do.
  7. bj4e2

    [MF] Fry's Themes

  8. bj4e2

    [MF] Total Annilation Plus Add-ons and NO CD

    I remember some players making custom units for the player and AI, making it more interesting, I haven't seen them in years though.
  9. This is Total Annihilation, plus the Add On CD's Core Contingency and Battle Tactics. It's also has the crack for no CD and the 1500 unit add-on, plus some harder AI for some of the maps. Also here's a tip to add more AI players To add up to 10 AI opponents in Skirmish Mode, go the Skirmish Setup screen and type * plus a Roman numeral for the number of opponents you wish to add. For example, "*iv" will add four AI opponents. [Hidden Content]
  10. bj4e2

    Anyone still play Total Annihilation?

    It's a very old game
  11. I dug up my old copies of Total Annihilation, and was wondering if anyone heard of it or played it recently. I lost all my custom units and the upgrades for the AI.