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Everything posted by Cybernatus

  1. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Color Zen EUR [WCZPYR]

    @mitcha Either on my DarkUmbra profile or directly from [Hidden Content] where stalkers can view its content (I wasn't for hidding files there at first, maybe I should change that..) @yamaoka Actually about these 3 unreleased games their envy of being first at all prices will play against them, getting releases that aren't playable (fow now and without notice, as I used Google translate) will give the releaser a bad reputation. Too bad for him, I asked not to ;_;
  2. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Color Zen EUR [WCZPYR]

    @yamaoka Well, I just went into this forum to see what it is about (Chinese Wii stuff) and surprise : They have just posted defective Stealth Inc 2 (I shared the link on my DarkUmbra profile, asking not to share it publicly..) Soooo I don't know why they are doing that, it's like a run of who will share games the fastest without taking attention of what is working or not. It's really sad
  3. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Color Zen EUR [WCZPYR]

    Ho, is that so? But both Mighty switch force & Shantae aren't usable for now, what is the point of releasing them if no one can play? O_O
  4. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Adventures of Pip EUR [BAPP1X]

    Let's see what my profile says about it : Ooohhh.. So maybe that after all.. :3
  5. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

    We'd rather be in a zen state to fully take adventage of this game for sure :3 You're welcome! With all the games that were expected to be released I though it would be a good idea, yep Et je t'attendrais... (Sauf si l'on se fait tabasser à coup de figues molles par les admins entre-temps )
  6. When my own phone decide to run without flaw If it's a success though, I might create a whole service dedicated to this, huhu
  7. @mitcha Thanks for the covers, I think that I'll soon create a central threds will all the releases from the past weeks (And includes your covers, that will do the job, if you want to) @fjar Yup, Some might thinks it's my kind of game or actually not at all @will6767 Woopsy! I know a forum who doesn't like apostrophe in their URL code, I've modified it in consequence and it should work again, thanks for putting that out :3
  8. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Just Dance WiiU Japan [AJ5J01]

    Mhh actually CEMU can run games through .RPX
  9. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

    I'm using NNUS Patcher on a 5.4.0 to access eShop and buy these games, then running DDD to perform a clean dump for each of them. Currently 5.5.X consoles aren't able to use any Dumper cuse of a missing public Kernel exploit. It appears that one actually exist but is still private within some developpers, thus you'll probably have to wait for the exploit being released in order to dump all your library :3
  10. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

    We might both talk in French in some other place I toldya I'm not Sarah Connor!!
  11. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] The Cave EUR [WCVP8P]

    Not yet, you see me sorry
  12. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

    You're tenacious, please allow me to use my ultimate secret trick : Mon cœur est entièrement dévoué à mon ordinateur et le célibat c'est une liberté à toute épreuve! [Ainsi qu'un taux de distribution de jeux eShop vraiment hors-norme] . Voilà, comme ça c'est dit, clair & concis
  13. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

    The proposal of my lord is enticing but my hearth already belong to someone else :3
  14. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Infinity Runner EUR [BRNP9V]

    Interesting is the ideal word here, getting curious of how the game will act on our mental health
  15. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

    Absolutely! o _' {_} |=| . ' | | o . o o |@| . o _o_._'_ /___\ o_.__'\~~~~~/ |=1 | \~~~~~/ '-.-' |=9 | '-.-' | |-9 | | _|_ |_9_| _|_ `"""` |_._| `"""` `"""`
  16. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Nihilumbra EUR [WHLP9W]

    Let's say GamerzCorp for it then Thank you very much for your kind message ;p
  17. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Armillo EUR [WMLP9T]

    if(isset($_GET["DoubleReleasePleasure"])) { for($i=1, $i<2; $i++) { echo 'De nuevo, mil gracias! Darle vida a la consola con tus lanzamientos... en serio, muchisimas gracias <3'; } } Or something like that :3
  18. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Chasing Dead EUR [WZHP8Z]

    As few as this? Oh gosh I should have paid attention to why the title was in sale (-66%) on my eShop, but the rating in there wasn't that bad, at least 3.5 stars out of 5. Well, let's hope some people will still have fun on it
  19. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Chasing Dead EUR [WZHP8Z]

    Bless you
  20. Cybernatus

    [REQUEST] Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition Wii U

    Hello Frosty, Both "Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition" & "Migthy Switch Force! 2" should be released within this week from me, in case nobody fullfil your request meanwhile Best regards.
  21. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Just Dance WiiU Japan [AJ5J01]

    MEGA Link finally added (Pfiou!)
  22. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Just Dance WiiU Japan [AJ5J01]

    Company code on meta.xml is set to 0001 for Nintendo. I understand it should have been 0041 for Ubisoft but the script I use from Dimok to automatically set GameCode on folder made it that way based on this. As it is an untouched dump, I will leave it that way.
  23. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Just Dance WiiU Japan [AJ5J01]

    Absolutely, Loadiine get rid of Nintendo's zonage and we can now enjoy WiiU games everywhere :3
  24. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Freeze Me EUR [AF4P7T]

    This isn't planned for now, sowwy
  25. Cybernatus

    [GamerzCorp] Trine: Enchanted Edition [BTEPFZ]

    Uploading : 7.7Go to go, gah!