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  1. Holy fucking shit lol. You did it, I was the one that posted the big message on the last page, NOTHING worked. But this did the trick! Cant thank you enough.
  2. FIXED Check below the image for the fix. I've tried everything to my knowledge and searched and read this form for over an hour (searched for "PIL" "crashes immediately" "closes after - checking if all etc.." read every post!). Tried all the fixes posted. When i start CDNSP-GUI-Bob-v3.5.4 it opens a cmd saying "Checking if all required modules are installed" then closes. - CDNSP is extracted to the root of the C drive (system drive) in its own folder "CDNSP-GUI-Bob-v3.5.1" - have run every pip3 install requests pyopenssl tqdm unidecode Pillow (plus others found here) to no avail. CMD states everything is installed/ satisfied (tried both with admin and without, as well as with powershell) launched CMD in the CDNSP folder and outside of it. - uninstalled and reinstalled Python 3.7 making sure to uncheck and check the right boxes. Both trying as admin and without. Tried downloaded python from different locations, made no difference. - delete everything and try again (cleaned with ccleaner) - read everything multiple times. Not finding this dont_delete.txt people are talking about but guessing it was removed from the releases I'm using. Not using some weird OS setup. Windows 10 running normally, all the usual stuff installed. I'm a techy person who never has issues like this but I'm stumped. Thanks in advance to anyone who has a solution. FIXED: thanks to lynx2oo2 on the next page this problem is finally solved for me and hopefully others who have done everything right. "In the folder that you have all your cdnsp files, create a new text document, inside the document type "python CDNSP-GUI-Bob-v3.5.4.py" without the quotation marks, then save the file as something such as "Start.bat" make sure you save it as a .bat and not as .bat.txt Obviously, if you are using a different version of cdnsp, then amend the text accordingly. Once saved, double click on Start.bat and see if cdnsp now works, if it opens the text file again, you have saved it wrong."
  3. As others have said, how do we view the google drive? (besides those three games). Thank you for all your hard work.