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  1. mrdude, from gbatemp forum, has been released a modded version XCI-Explorer, the tool that allows to: View contents of XCI files View metadata for XCI and NSP files Explore partitions Check NCA hashes Extract NCA Modify cert In this mods version mrdude add keys 8.1.0 + 9.0.0 support + added the ability to save the game icon to png. To save the game icon - click on the icon box once the game is loaded. thanks to StudentBlake for posting the source on his github. This program does not contain any keys - you can use your own keys or download via the program from the internet. SOURCE: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  2. mammt

    [RELEASE] RetroArch 1.7.9

    try yourself, last revision of 1.7.8 works on 9.0.x
  3. RetroArch 1.7.9 has just been released. Among many other things, it includes big QoL (Quality of Life) improvements for mobile users. The menu system should now support touchscreen gestures and controls in general should be much improved inside the menu. But that’s far from all! Changes: BUGFIX: Touch input – When using an overlay to toggle the quick menu on touchscreen devices, we no longer get ‘phantom’ menu input – i.e. the old bug of hitting the toggle and instantly resuming content (or performing a save state) is fixed BUGFIX: Networking – RetroArch crashed when pressing left while Relay Server Location entry was selected BUGFIX: Networking – fix memory leak that could happen at exit after a network operation had run CHEEVOS: Improve handling of line endings when calculating CD hashes for retroachievements CHEEVOS: Add support for Sega CD/Saturn; reduce hash calls to server FPGA: Add initial FPGA port for Z-Turn boards – not really release-ready yet, will need community support to continue. Currently employs naive framebuffer approach, not fullspeed GL1: GLDirect (D3D9 to OGL1.1 wrapper) support GONG: Stability fixes LINUX/UDEV: Fix touchscreen/lightgun issues MENU/MATERIALUI: MaterialUI no longer ‘forgets’ its place when navigating backwards in menus, and navigation in general is ‘cleaner’ MENU/MATERIALUI: Add initial gesture support MENU/MATERIALUI: Improved touch support MENU/MATERIALUI: Bugfix – Random’ items are no longer automatically highlighted when performing standard up/down ‘flick’ scrolling through lists (items are only highlighted when you keep the pointer still for > 200 ms) MENU/MATERIALUI: Bugfix – The display no longer ‘jerks’ for one frame when navigating backwards through lists MENU/MATERIALUI: Bugfix – The Material UI scaling factor is now based upon the device-reported screen DPI value (previously it relied upon a hard-coded magic number, which was never correct) MENU/RGUI: Functional mouse/touchscreen support MENU/ONSCREEN KEYBOARD: On-screen keyboard entry via mouse/touchscreen has been tidied up – no more double inputs (or unwanted menu interaction in the background) MENU/MOUSE: Mouse wheel up/down is now a proper ‘up/down’, same as using cursor keys or a dpad MENU/MOUSE: Mouse wheel tilt left/right has been wired up to normal ‘left/right’ commands. Also further improved mouse wheel tilt MENU/OZONE: Add option to toggle between static and scrolling content metadata MENU/XMB: Add full gesture support MENU/OSX: Fixed mouse buttons – mouse down events were not hooked up MENU: When navigating backwards from a core options drop-down list (i.e. pressing select or cancel), the last menu position is remembered (instead of resetting back to the first core option item each time) MENU: Add mouse/touchscreen gesture support MENU: Add option to delete playlists (Settings > Playlists > Playlist Management) MOBILE (ANDROID/IOS): Add option to automatically rotate overlays when changing orientation OSD: Memory details should now be available on every platform (get_mem_total and get_mem_free need to be implemented in the frontend driver for it to work) OSD: Memory details can now be shown individually without FPS and frame count PS2: Fix memory leaks in font/video driver SWITCH: Set default aspect ratio to core provided instead of 4:3 THREADED VIDEO: Fix FPS text in threaded video mode VITA: Set default aspect ratio to core provided instead of 4:3 VITA: Add system language detection VITA: More memory support WIN32: Log window now has title ‘Logging Console’ WII: Add Wiimote lightgun support More info: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  4. mammt

    [RELEASE] SX OS v2.9.2 BETA

    probably the site is blocked on your country, use google DNS or fastest
  5. refer to readme included in the archive release for more info
  6. What's new in this update: Local Multiplayer over the internet (LAN play) is working again. Somewhere down the line we introduced a regression in functionality causing local multiplayer emulation to be broken and/or out of sync with the current lan-play implementation. This has been addressed and should work correctly again. Extended scope of Stealth Mode Recently it has come to our attention that there was claims floating around about stealth mode being broken on SX OS v2.9+. We investigated these claims and are happy to let you know this is completely wrong. Stealth Mode behaved exactly the same like it always did. Nonetheless, we took this feedback/rumour as an opportunity to further tighten down on the stealthiness. From now you cannot start the eShop application if you have stealth mode enabled. Furthermore all error reporting and telemetry has been neutered. That means errors that are generated while using SX OS that might get you "flagged" won't be queued up for delivery when you boot into OFW anymore either! Improved XCI game compatibility In our last update we already addressed some compatibility issues with re-packed XCI images, yet some XCI files were still not playable. We investigated this issue and as it turns out there are certain tools around (older versions of 'NSC Builder' for example) that generate bogus metadata for the (encrypted) 'Gamecard Info' that is part of the XCI header. Our gamecart emulation now detects these bad images and fixes them. If you want your XCI images to be future proof; please be careful with whatever post-processing you apply to XCI files though, we can't clean up after other people's mistakes indefinitely! Rebooting SX OS If you select "restart" now from the power options menu you will actually reboot into SX OS. There is no need to replug your SX Pro dongle or send a payload from your computer when doing so. Additionally, if an error occurs you can also reboot into SX OS by simply pressing the power button. Neat! DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  7. SX Installer v3.0.0 (Firmware v9.0.0 / v9.0.1 compatibility, ability to enable / disable cheats, NSZ games support and much more) released: "It contains a number of large improvements, one of the biggest is that it now integrates 'cheats' for all your Switch games on your system. It also contains an built-in 'cheats' database which updates automatically and selects the right matching cheats for the game you have selected. We have also added support of installing NSZ games they are just like NSP, but are now in compressed format saving you both space and time. Read on for all the other amazing improvements, we have brought to you today in this wonderful nice update to our popular SX INSTALLER App: Improved boot time. Reduced memory usage. Ability to enable / disable cheats. General UI performance improvements. Firmware v9.0.0 / v9.0.1 compatibility. Support added for NSZ games (compressed NSP). Added uninstall option. Added option to disable music. Added ability to abort downloads. Added authenticated gdrive support. Added ability to write files to dropbox. Added ability to search to the hex editor, and you can also now write / change files using the hex editor. Added ability to copy and paste NSPs from the new games / XCI section, and paste to SD card. (Users can paste files over 4gb on FAT32 by auto-splitting). Added czech, danish, greek, finish, hungarian, norwegian, vietnamese, polish, swedish, tagalog, ukrainian, croatian, turkish, arabic, farsi, hebrew, and hindi. Fixed options screen scrolling. Fixed bug with google drive folders. Fixed incomplete box drawing around game icons. Fixed issue with gdrive directories sometimes being limited to ~50 files. Fixed install all bug not showing the correct names for dlc and updates in the queue. The styling on the keyboard was improved. Locations can now be edited or added from the file browser (use to be add only). Locations now have an extra option: enabled, which flags the location to be loaded automatically at boot. PLEASE NOTE: After extensive internal testing of this update, there is still an small issue when scanning your connected USBHDD for files/games contents. This bug will be addressed in a future update, and your valuable feedback on any other oversights we missed during our testing would be greatly welcomed.” MORE INFO: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  8. /hbg/Shop AiO pack 5.0.0 Get /hbg/ Shop app and download games from your switch directly! Installation: Delete any old tinfoil folder (located @ switch/tinfoil). Extract and copy all contents to the root of your SD. Reboot your switch. Tinfoil changelog: Added support for a new NSP compression format called NSZ, which can compress NSP's up to 80% smaller which reduces their storage footprint, and increases their install speed. The format is described here: [Hidden Content] You can customize album action by editing the file\atmosphere\hbl.json Music will now change depending on the theme you pick Fixed a memory issue with gdrive folders for files under 100MB Fixed bug where preventing sleep during install did not function Fixed instability issues caused by latest devkitpro in 4.10 for all apps (Tinfoil, Lithium, MM-LINX, Mercury). 4.00 and below were not compiled with this faulty devkitpro release. I was aware that DKP had issues, but was forced to update for the 9.0.0 FW fixes. If you had downloaded any 4.10 application before 2019-19-09, please re-download. Title override is back - Added 9.0.0 support. Atmosphere users must extract the entire zip file to run a forked version of Atmosphere that fixes bugs and problems. Vanilla atmosphere will not work. Source code is available Filtered cheats to only the ones compatible with the installed game version Fixed a bug in tinfoil / mercury where most ftp servers did not work Extra notes: Opening Album will open the vanilla AMS hbl. Opening Album while holding L (not R) will open Mercury. All themes were renamed. We highly reccommend deleting the whole old themes folder and copy the new one. All credits to "/HBG/ Discord Channel" for their exclusive app. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  9. if you have unpatched unit you can use any cfw for fw 9.0.x
  10. yes, you must dump the keys to your switch with lockpick: [Hidden Content] or find from the web
  11. lol, hey "dislike boys" you are in wrong place! Have you read the thread's tag? This is ONLY information/warning post. You must have to waiting for the firmware release (not dumped yet!!!) not avaiable in this moment!
  12. mammt

    [RELEASE] Incognito_RCM

    Incognito_RCM is a bare metal Nintendo Switch payload that derives encryption keys for de- and encrypting PRODINFO partition (sysnand and emummc) and wiping personal information from your Nintendo Switch as to go online while worrying slightly less about a ban. It is heavily based on Lockpick_RCM and takes inspiration from incognito. Massive Thanks to CTCaer, shchmue and blawar! This project is in early stage, so have a nand backup!! There is not much of error handling going on. Usage Launch Incoginito_RCM.bin using your favorite payload injector Use menu to make a backup! (Will be written to sd:/prodinfo_sysnand.bin and sd:/prodinfo_emunand.bin respectively) Choose either Incognito (sysNAND) or Incognito (emuMMC) to wipe personal information If you ever want to revert, choose restore menu points Keep in mind that backups will be overwritten, so don't backup after applying Incognito! Building Install devkitARM and run make. Known Issues Chainloading from SX will hang immediately due to quirks in their hwinit code, please launch payload directly Disclaimers This application does not remove all personal information from your Switch, and should not be treated as a true preventative measure against getting banned. ALWAYS have a NAND backup. I am not responsible for any bricks or bans. Use at your own risk, as this is an experimental program. This application backs up your PRODINFO to the SD card. You should keep this backup in a more secure location, and not leave it on the SD card where it could be subject to corruption or be read by malicious applications. SOURCE: [Hidden Content] GITHUB: [Hidden Content]
  13. v14.2 - Paradise City Changelog: Updated sys-clk Updated Lockpick_RCM Updated Lockpick Updated Goldleaf Updated NXDumpTool Updated Goldleaf (yes, again) Updated ldn_mitm Updated emuiibo and most importantly: General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. GITHUB: [Hidden Content] KOSMOS: [Hidden Content] PEGASCAPE: [Hidden Content]
  14. Changelog: General Now the console's supported key generation is read from BOOT0 (it was hardcoded manually before) - this means that Goldleaf won't have to be updated in new console updates to fix key mismatch errors! Thus, 9.0.1 support was also fixed. Updates Goldleaf's updater is broken on 0.7.2 (and probably lower versions). PLEASE, DON'T USE IT TO UPDATE TO 0.7.3!. Luckily, it is fixed for this version, so next versions (0.7.x, 0.8...) should download fine when they get released soon. Pending update detection was barely broken, but has been fixed too. As mentioned in previous releases, you can export it to install it safely with ChoiDujourNX, and delete it from system after that. Quark hasn't changed - it is still 0.2. This is just a copy of 0.7.2 release's JAR! Have fun with Goldleaf and Quark, as always! DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  15. nxmtp with a patch for 9.0.0 HID changes, based on original app reversed, patched and compiled by CatOverflow. NXMTP is a simple MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) that allows to mount the SD card on PC via USB cable, while the SD is still inserted in the console without rebooting! To install: Put the .nro on switch folder on SD - Only work on firmware 5.0 or higher. - 9.0.x compatible. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]