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  1. mammt

    [RELEASE] RetroArch Movie Player!

    Exfat partition corruption is related to Nintendo's File System crappy drivers more info on switchbrew/libnx github: morer info [Hidden Content] for homebrew-user is better to choose Fat32 to avoid corruption problems
  2. Changelog: -Fixed crappy audio in docked mode -Improved the UI font -Added new UI selector, styled like the one from the Switch UI -Added complete UI touch control, including scrolling and button presses when touching the labels in the corner -Added support for mapping multiple controls to a single button, as well as clearing mappings -Added a frameskip setting -Fixed overclock setting on Switch system 8.0.0 Because of the changes to the config system, you should delete your melonDS.ini file before using this version to avoid issues! P.S.: Hardware renderer is coming in the 0.8.0 update according to Hydr8gon, no ETA on that. LINK: [Hidden Content]
  3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What this project adds: -) New HD graphics for all Enemies, NPC's, Main Characters, Weapons, World Map models and Summons -) New HD Cutscene Videos -) New Battle Sound Effects -) New HD Avatars/Menu ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current release: The current release of this project covers Cloud and his friends journey up to passing the monstrous Midgar Zolom and crossing into the Fort Condor and Juno continent. The release can be downloaded from the link below! [Hidden Content] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FF7 Config file included: Included in this project is a folder labeled "FF7 Switch Overclock Config File". Within this folder you'll find a config file that will help FF7 run a lot smoother. This config file will overclock your Switch when just running FF7. Helping it handle any sort of lag that may arise from using these HD mods. Just drop this config file into your config folder on the root of SD card and you are all set. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Closing thanks by the autor (MrEffler22): I just wanted to thank everyone for downloading and supporting this project! FF7 Project Omnislash is the FF7 remake dream game created by the fans for the fans. So hit download, go grab your Switch and sit back and prepare to enjoy your favorite childhood game in beautiful HD like you've never done before. I'll see you all in Midgar my friends! SOURCE and More Infos: [Hidden Content] all credits to the autor (MrEffler22) from gbatemp
  4. Changelog Release v2.2: 8.0.0 support Version string is back! Better shutdown from HOS Save redir stability TM LINK: [Hidden Content]
  5. SciresM has confirmed on Discord, that Atmosphére and HBL launches fine on 8.0.1. Actually, Atmosphére doesn't touch any of the modules changed in this update. More info on release: [Hidden Content]
  6. Atmosphère 0.8.8 works also in recent firmware 8.0.1
  7. Changelog: Added Vertex JIT Core option (turning it off fixes some games currently) Added Disable slow Framebuffer effects Core option (Speedhack) Increased Savestate Chunk size to 4MB (speeds up savestate load, ~2sec) Band-Aid for Savestate load + Save (no more opening menu for them to work) Renamed "IR JIT" to "IR Interpreter" Removed Threaded IO Core option (non-functional) Removed Non-Buffered Rendering Core option (non-functional) General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. Please consult README.txt for further Instructions! DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  8. for any issue for previous version, please re-download the files from first post this file is the payload to boot the custom firmware in RCM mode via USB (dongle or PC connected) swap this file in SD Card with old one if you use any dongle or select this file from TegraGui
  9. [Hidden Content] link updated by developer for any issue for previous version, please re-download the files from first post
  10. mammt

    [RELEASE] ES & FS Sigpatches for 8.0.0

    try this ES_sigpatches: [Hidden Content]
  11. mammt

    [RELEASE] ES & FS Sigpatches for 8.0.0

    These are only FS_Patches, not ES You can run homebrew nsps, 4nxci converted xcis and reNXpack converted nsps with FS patches "ES_Opatches" are for running eshop nsps and need to be adapted for newer firmware version. UPDATE: ES_Patches released, see the first post
  12. Sigpatches for 8.0.0 FS_Sigpatches: [Hidden Content] ES_Sigpatches: [Hidden Content] Full Pack of Patches: [Hidden Content]
  13. The-4n (from gbatemp forum) has been released FS_Sigpatches for Atmosphere 0.8.8 with full support for official firmware 8.0.0 UPDATE: ES_Sigpatches released (thanks to ddui-4chan) The FS patches remove NCA signature checks, they let you run unsigned NCAs. ES patches remove ES ticket sig checks. FAQ: Q: What are patches? A: Patches are modifications in firmware that changes it's default behavior, usually using for disabling/bypassing some checks Q: What do these patches do? A: 1- Running custom (unsigned, modified) nsps(ncas) such as homebrew nsps and converted xcis to nsps (nosigchk+acid, fs) 2- Installing fake (unsigned, modified) tickets (es) 3- nocmac, fs (up to 6.2.0) FS Patches: [Hidden Content] ES Patches: [Hidden Content] Full Pack of Patches: [Hidden Content] all credits to the authors