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  1. mammt

    [RELEASE] Goldleaf 0.8

    DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  2. In their Happy Holidays Greeting Today, TX Dropped a Bombshell of a Teaser Video Never say Impossible, as it seems Team-Xecuter has done the impossible, as their Happy Holidays Greeting comes with a jaw-dropping video! Happy holidays season from everyone at Team-Xecuter! We rocked the Switch in 2019 and with the year soon over, here is a little teaser of one of the things to come early 2020! SOURCE: [Hidden Content]
  3. The magical worlds of C2M and SX OS have been combined Which means you can now directly enjoy original SNES carts on your Nintendo Switch Never say the impossible, can not be done, as it seems, you can now play your SNES cartridges on your Switch! From source: Check out their official site: [Hidden Content] (Near the bottom of the page for their new C2M update for SX OS!) SOURCE: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/C2M-Switch.zip Simply unzip pack in your microSD card root folder and enjoy all your SNES games on Nintendo Switch!
  4. The Switch theme injector project is split into three parts: Switch theme injector (Windows app): An app to create and edit custom themes NXThemes installer: An homebrew app that runs on the switch itself and can be used to install and manage themes. Switch theme injector online (also called WebInjector): A port of the windows injector as a web app, it lacks some features like custom applet icons and common.szs layouts support. The main objective is to develop a complete toolset to create and install custom themes on the switch. As the console os doesn't implement custom themes natively most of this is done by patching system SZS files to get the desidered aspect. Unfortunately SZS files from the switch os contain copyrighted data so to make theme sharing legal the nxtheme format has been developed, it's 100% legal and works on every firmware >= 5.0, unless you're dealing with making your own patches and custom layouts you should only use nxtheme files. SOURCE: [Hidden Content] Changes: Support for 9.1.0 Lockscreens on sxos are still not supported Support for atmosphere 0.10.0 Finally fixed clear lockscreen layout on >= 9.0 Edit: for the theme installer I forgot to update the version in the makefile, the homebrew menu will show the wrong verion (2.1.1), launching it will show the correct one in the top. Oops. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/releases/download/v-4.3.2/NXThemesInstaller.nro DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/releases/download/v-4.3.2/Release4.3.2.7z
  5. 0.10.1 is Atmosphère's twenty-fourth official release. fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.10.0. With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.10.1 is bundled with hbl 2.3, and hbmenu 3.2.0. The following was changed since the last release: A bug was fixed that caused memory reallocation to the system pool to work improperly on firmware 5.0.0 and above. Atmosphere was always trying to deallocate memory away from the applet pool and towards the system pool. The intent of this is to facilitate running more custom sysmodules/atmosphere binaries. However, while memory was always successfully taken away from the applet pool, on 5.0.0+ granting it to the system pool did not work for technical reasons. If you are interested in the technical details, talk to SciresM. This has now been fixed by adding new kernel patches, and memory is correctly granted to the system pool as intended. Atmosphere's library system has been overhauled: libstratosphere's repository has been rebranded, more generally, to "Atmosphere-libs".In addition to libstratosphere, a new general library for not-stratosphere-specific code has been added. This is currently named libvapours. In the future, kernel functionality will be available as libmesosphere. The build system for stratosphere system modules has been similarly overhauled. The boot system module is now loaded into non-secure memory. This helps somewhat to prevent fragmentation of the system memory heap. A number of other bugs were fixed, including: A bug was fixed that could cause memory corruption when redirecting certain Romfs content. A bug was fixed that could cause an infinite loop when redirecting certain Romfs content. A bug was fixed that could cause certain NROs to fail to load. This caused the latest version of Super Smash Bros to display "An error has occurred" on launch. A bug was fixed that caused input/output array sizes for certain circumstances to be calculated incorrectly. This caused cheats to fail to function properly. C++ exception code is now more thoroughly removed from stratosphere executables. This saves a minor amount of memory. A number of minor logic inversions were fixed in libstratosphere. These did not affect any code currently used by released Atmosphere binaries. Please note: Because this update is releasing so soon after 0.10.0, the removal of the temporary hid-mitm has been postponed to 0.10.2. Please ensure your homebrew is updated. Random number generation now uses TinyMT instead of XorShift. General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. Please ensure your homebrew is updated. Random number generation now uses TinyMT instead of XorShift. General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. SOURCE: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/download/0.10.1/atmosphere-0.10.1-master-71b220a4+hbl-2.3+hbmenu-3.2.0.zip FUSEE-PRIMARY.BIN: [Hidden Content]/download/0.10.1/fusee-primary.bin
  6. Custom Nintendo Switch bootloader, firmware patcher, and more. This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools. No more SD card removals. Latest HOS supported: 9.1.0 New in this version: Full support for 9.1.0 Faster and better DRAM training Even faster HOS boot Enabled Low Battery Shutdown when voltage is less than 2.8V Fixed an issue with some users hanging in black screen or logo for Nyx loading Fixed a critical issue with heap collapsing on edge cases. Thanks @shchmue. Added support for entering fastboot on Android. External patches only look for patches.ini now Fixed an issue with force shutdown timeout, where it would power off if PWR button was pressed for 2s. It's now back to 6s. Fixed instant boot to menu ("bootloop") on errors. Now hekate will properly wait for user input in order to go back to menu. Fixed an issue with tsec keys, where KFUSE didn't have enough time to initialize. Fixed an issue where double defined patches (like NOGC), would fail the process. Now any reapplied patch, will be properly marked as applied. Countless refactors and bugfixes in hw init and drivers Many general bugfixes New in emuMMC 9.1.0 support Nyx v0.8.3 9.1.0 support for info and tools GFX rendering and generally many functions in Nyx are now faster Refactored SHA calculation for faster verification Verification is now able to calculate the 1st buffer SHA while the 2nd buffer is read. Fan is now activated if temperatures are high Battery Voltage value is now Orange if lower than 3200mV Countless refactors and bugfixes in hw init and drivers Many general bugfixes SOURCE AND DETAILS: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/download/v5.1.0/hekate_ctcaer_5.1.0_Nyx_0.8.3.zip
  7. 0.10.0 is Atmosphère's twenty-third official release - fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.10.0. With thanks to the @switchbrew team, Atmosphère 0.10.0 is bundled with hbl 2.2, and hbmenu 3.1.1. Please note: Atmosphère 0.10.0 is currently in pre-release. If any bugs are reported while Atmosphère is in pre-release, they will be fixed and the build will be updated. 0.10.0 will transition to release after a short amount of time has passed without pressing bug reports. CHANGELOG: Support was added for 9.1.0 The Stratosphere rewrite was completed. Thanks to the rewrite, Atmosphere now uses significantly less memory. Atmosphere's configuration layout has had major changes. Atmosphere's process override layout was changed. Support for configuring override keys for hbl was improved. The default amount of applet memory reserved has been slightly increased. The way process override status is captured was changed. Thanks to process override capture improvements, hbl html behavior has been greatly improved. Support was added to exosphere for enabling usermode access to the PMU registers. An enormous number of minor bugs were fixed. General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. SOURCE AND DETAILS: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD (Prerelease-0.10.0-master): [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD (fusee-primary): [Hidden Content]
  8. Sigpatches for Atmosphere 0.10.0, with full support for official firmware 9.1.0, are available now! The FS-patches remove NCA-signature checks, they let you run unsigned NCAs. ES-patches remove ES-ticket sig-checks. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] All credits to "cat", from "hbgshop discord" channel, for the 9.1.0 FS & ES Patch Pack!
  9. Compatibility with firmware 9.1.0 A few days ago, firmware 9.1.0 was released. While this is a minor update in terms of new functionality, we want to make sure that everyone who updated their console (or emuNAND) to 9.1.0 can still enjoy SX OS. Compatibility with game titles that use newer encryption Some (very) recent games would display as white boxes in the menu and/or could not be installed. This has been resolved. Enjoy the full compatibility! DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  10. ‎Nintendo Switch 9.1.0 system software update will be released tomorrow. Do not update until further scene/hack notice!!! SOURCE: [Hidden Content] TRANSLATED: [Hidden Content]
  11. Custom, open-source replacement/reimplementation for Nintendo Switch's HOME menu (qlaunch), extending it with amazing, homebrew-orienteed functionality! uLaunch is a very ambitious project, consisting on two custom library applets, a custom system application and a custom system applet, in order to replace the console's HOME menu with a custom, homebrew-orienteed one. This isn't any kind of HOME menu extension, injection, patch, etc. uLaunch is a complete reimplementation, 100% open-source, which also takes over eShop and Parental control applets and flog system title (all of them are pretty much useless with this reimpl) for its extended functionality. The project is licensed as GPLv2. For those who are interested in how the UI was done, this project is, like Goldleaf, a good example of how powerful Plutonium libraries can be in order to make beautiful UIs. [...] SOURCE: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/releases/tag/0.1
  12. Information posted by ub3r1337 from original source: SOURCE: [Hidden Content]
  13. From Original Source: Today, we bring you the latest version of our very popular SX Installer app, and to make it even more popular, we have added a cool new feature, SMB (Samba) file sharing is now possible, which means you can install NSP/NSZ directly from your Windows PC to your Switch console with ease. We also like to point out that 'Cloud Saves' is now possible, you can directly backup/restore your Game Saves to gdrive, or Samba, and unlike 'Nintendo Cloud Save' feature, this works for all your games! We also updated our SX Server, allowing you to directly use gdrive support with it as well! Check out the changelogs below: SX Installer v3.01 Changelog: (SX Installer is an application for advanced title management, installation and launching.) Fixed USB HDD support. Fixed Title Key dumping. Improved rendering performance. Added SMB/Windows File Share support. Added ability to re-arrange locations. Added support for "blocked" NSZ installation. Automatically resets required version upon install / uninstall. Input is now accepted from all controllers, not just player one. Added shutdown screen so you can safely exit the application from title mode. Blocked the installation of all modified DLC and Updates with no way to bypass. Fixed bug that allowed users to install 9.0 encrypted titles on lower firmwares. Included auto-install-forwarder and blocked applet mode due to memory constraints. Disabled remembering "standard crypto" option to prevent users from leaving that enabled. SX Server v1.2 Changelog: (SX Server allows network and USB installs for SX Installer.) Added support for XCI, XCZ, and NSZ Added gdrive support to both SX Server and SX Installer As usual, you can find the latest versions on our SX Portal Downloads page and for quality support don't forgot to join our TX Community and our TX Discord server. That's all for today, Enjoy! —< Team-Xecuter - Rocking the Switch in 2019 and beyond! SOURCE: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD SX Installer v3.01: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD SX Server v1.2: [Hidden Content]
  14. Sys-con, by developer Cathery, is a sysmodule (similar to a plugin for Sony consoles) which greatly expands your input options when using the Switch in docked mode. Currently, Sys-con only supports connecting controllers to the ports found in the Switch’s Dock and it allows you to use three popular controllers including the DualShock 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers meaning that your existing controllers have now become Switch-compatible without any extra hardware! To use Sys-con, your Switch must be running firmware 5.0.0 (or newer) and have Atmosphere installed; provided you meet these requirements, all you have to do is: Download the Sys-con sysmodule from the link below Extract the RAR file and copy the contents to the root of your Switch’s SD Card Reboot your Switch, connect it to the dock and enjoy a much better experience without forking out a cent (provided you have a compatible controller) (check this out before using it): [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] SOURCE: [Hidden Content]
  15. because this is an official SX-OS addon by Team Xecuter