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  1. The developer m4xw will release its PPSSPP standalone port on Monday: Original Post: [Hidden Content] Source: [Hidden Content]
  2. the project was canceled because the author was accused of stealing the work of others I have added the mirror link of last release on main post
  3. If you are looking for Ultrasphere, this is Ultrasphere's safer and way more extended evolution. If you are a current Ultrasphere user, you need Ultrasphere Reloaded! Features: Vanilla Atmosphere All required sigpatches for Atmosphere + Hekate. SX OS Up-to-date packages Splash screens and instant launch Background FTP-Server Drag and drop A very handsome bootlogo by Team Xecuter and GaryOPA The latest and best homebrew from blawar Always boot payload.bin from root of sd, even reboot-to-payload! and much more! How to use: Back up your sdcard (Nintendo folder) if you are setting up emunand. Copy files to sdcard, launch payload.bin from root of SD. Set up emunand on hidden partition in SX OS (hold vol+ after selecting SX OS in hekate), copy files back to sd card afterwards. Boot into emunand through hekate and install incognito (SX OS or Atmosphere works for this) to prevent bans. DOWNLOAD ultrasphere-reloaded-v0.9.2.0.zip: [Hidden Content] GITHUB: Project closed/cancelled by author Art Gallery 3 Days 3 Hour Action-adventure video game Alienware Art Book Atm Available Now Backer Be Patient Art Gallery 3 Days 3 Hour Action-adventure video game Alienware Art Book Atm Available Now Backer Be Patient Art Gallery 3 Days 3 Hour Action-adventure video game Alienware Art Book Atm Available Now Backer
  4. Nro2Nsp! An Easy to use Nsp builder, developed by Root-MtX for redirection or internally built nsps using nros and now Retroarch Rom forwarders Changelog v3.3.5 Beta 3: Special thanks to Liam and LeMageFro for testing and vast knowleadge Added warning about romfs compatibility Fixed "Keyfile" missing error Fixed Nro data import repeating error messages Updated hacpackbrew Updated Nstool (requires visual studio C++ 2015) Appears to have fixed could not start software error Removed savedata allocation Added gif size warning message if greater than 60kb Added UnquailifiedApproval flag in ndpm (Thanks Liam) Fixed Kernal Permisson bitmask Fixed hacbrewpack error due to file permissions Adjusted npdm to prevent save data allocation Started custom npdm/nacp creation framework (to be completed) Refactoring More to be completed once i get free time! DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] 3.3.5 - Beta 3.zip?raw=true SOURCE: [Hidden Content]
  5. 60 FPS [Hidden Content] High resolution handheld [Hidden Content] In both cases you need sys-clk to sustain stable framerate for this mods. Hope you like it. SOURCE: gbatemp.net
  6. From original post of developer evo-brut3: Apollo is a File Explorer Homebrew for the Nintendo Switch. Its goal is to be the most convenient and reliable method to manage console's files. Following the NX Homebrew Scene trend its name comes from Apollo - one of the Olympian deities, who is i.a. a god of music, truth, knowledge and protection of young. It is also a reference to Apollo 11 - a spaceflight mission which allowed people to walk on the Moon. Apollo is my first homebrew project, I hope you'll like it. Overview Apollo's current features are: Graphical User Interface: Minimalist design which is based on default hbmenu and official home menu esthetic. Selecting items: A simple but mandatory feature. Copying files and directories: Before doing so, application checks whether user is trying to overwrite currently existing files or directories and then asks about overwriting them. Recursive directory deletion: It allows for complete deletion of directories' content and obviously for file deletion. Renaming files and directories: Speaks for itself. Sorting items: Alphabetically or reversed. Planned features Planned features for the very next release: Moving files and directories Showing files and directories' information (size, permissions) Sorting files by size and reversed Remembering cursor's position while browsing between folders Viewing images Viewing text files Extracting .rar and .zip files Creating directories and files DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] GITHUB: [Hidden Content] SOURCE: [Hidden Content]
  7. Changelog: Updated Hekate to version 5.0.1 This fixes many emuMMC bugs and boot errors on 6.x.x Updated Kosmos Updater Changed all web traffic to use HTTPS. Fixed the config path for sys-ftpd. and most importantly: General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. [Hidden Content]
  8. UPDATE: Hekate CTCaer v5.0.1 has been released which fixes a great number of bugs & issues, including emuMMC & GUI related ones. Additionally, the stock emuMMC option has been temporarily disabled as it was broken. [Hidden Content] New in this version Fixed keygen for 6.2.0 stock and CFW Fixed boot to 6.0.x/6.1.0 Fixed hang issues with booting HOS These were created from cache coherency issues, or sd card fast reinit or stack corruption. Disabled stock emuMMC until it's fixed Check news at [Hidden Content] Now if patches.ini is not found kip patches will be loaded from patches_template.ini. Added a check that emuMMC is not loaded without custom secmon and warmboot. Nyx v0.8.1 Fixed Nyx hangs on boot and framebuffer issues These were fixed by fixing an issue with Touchscreen, a cache coherency issue, stabilizing framebuffer memfetch, and by fixing too fast reinits for some sd cards. Migrate emuMMC fixes It can now find more available existing partition based solutions. Fixed an issue with migrating other sd partition emunand solutions. Change emuMMC fixes Fixed logic with button assignment It can now also identify more emuMMC. Changed emuMMC creation partition type to xE0 Fixes issues with all Linux distros. You can run Migrate to apply the fix. Sd card now reinits before a create/backup/restore process to refresh tuning Might fix some issues with some cards. Launch/More CFG Fixed an issue where the buttons did nothing if no icon. Added option to force screen HOS boot logs. Big names will have their name rolling. While sd card is removed, it's possible now to Reboot or Power off. Screenshot feature gets disabled. Added temperature sensor init, to revert L4T's range. Fixed an issue where Nyx could start with backlight set to 0. And general system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience. (For real..).
  9. on my PC with windows10, USB 3.00 port and USB 3.00 compatible Type-C cable [56k Ohm Resistor] the program works flawlessy
  10. Uae4All2 Mod for Switch v1.96 has been released by developer rsn8887 Use4All2 Mod is an Amiga emulator for Vita and Switch. This is the mod of this great Amiga emulator that was originally ported to the Vita by Cpasjuste. Depending on when you read this, this mod might be ahead or behind his version. CHANGELOG: v1.96 increase maximum displayed lines from 270 to 286, useful for overscan games like Babeanoid fix cia overlay in AGA mode, fixes Reshoot-R hang at title screen add instruction manual to Vita livearea screen Important note to Switch users On the Switch, since v1.84, please use nsp injection to start uae4all2, otherwise the config save as and savestate export options will not work. On SX OS, you can do this by holding down R while launching any installed game to make hbmenu appear. IINSTALLATION: Download and unzip uae4all2_switch.zip Copy the resulting folder uae4all2 to /switch/ onto your SDCard, ensure none of the "archive" flags is set. You should now have the executable /switch/uae4all2/uae4all2.nro and a folder /switch/uae4all2/data/ with the keyboard icons and other data files on your SDCard. Obtain and copy BIOS files kick13.rom (Amiga 500), and kick31.rom (Amiga 1200) to your SDCard into /switch/uae4all2/kickstarts/. Optional: copy over additional BIOS files kick12.rom, kick20.rom, kickcustom.rom (for e.g. version 3.1.4 or any other user-supplied BIOS) to the same folder. Use nsp injection to start uae4all2, otherwise the config save as and savestate export options will not work. On SX OS, you can do this by holding down R while launching any installed game to make hbmenu appear. MD5 of verified working kickstart rom files, you can test yours at onlinemd5: kick12.rom (256 kB): (MD5) 85AD74194E87C08904327DE1A9443B7A kick13.rom (256 kB): (MD5) 82A21C1890CAE844B3DF741F2762D48D kick20.rom (512 kB): (MD5) FA4ACC75B49E880679FE02716AF24D71 kick31.rom (512 kB): (MD5) 646773759326FBAC3B2311FD8C8793EE DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] GITHUB: [Hidden Content] 3ds Free software downloads 0 Update 2 Way 21 Minutes Acess Advantage flea treatment Advantage Insurance Advantages Alguien 3ds Free software downloads 0 Update 2 Way 21 Minutes Acess Advantage flea treatment Advantage Insurance Advantages Alguien 3ds Free software downloads 0 Update 2 Way 21 Minutes Acess Advantage flea treatment
  11. Developer Joonie86 has been relased Kosmos patches (ES & FS including ACID & nocmac), an All-in-One package includes everything you need to run modified/installed contents on Switch. What's new? Due to the latest changes on Hekate v5 & Tinfoil/Lithium, I decided to discontinue my custom fork. Instead, this repo will only maintain FS patches for Hekate and ES patches for atmosphere from now on. (Mainly used for Kosmos) Simply unpack the provided archive to the root of SDCard will be enough. This archive includes following ES patches for FW 2.0.0 - 8.1.0 default nosigchk(FS) patches for FW 1.0.0 - 8.1.0 ACID(FS) patches for FW 1.0.0 - 8.1.0 nocmac(FS) patches for FW 1.0.0 - 6.2.0 NOTE: ACID patches are part of "nosigchk" patches, so no additional flag is needed to apply these patches. nocmac patches for all FWs up to 6.2.0 (This helps downgrading when you face infamous blackscreen issue or stuck at Nintendo logo after downgrading to 6.1.0 from 7.x and higher.) In order to use "nocmac patches", please add "kip1patch=nocmac" in hekate_ipl.ini CREDITS: @EliseZeroTwo @shchmue @CTCaer @rajkosto @tomGER and many others. SOURCE: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  12. Rekado is payloads launcher and serial number checker for Android OS. Changes: Added: Support for Android Q. Added: Characters limit for serial checker's field. Added: Lower case serial numbers support. Updated: Payloads will be stored in application's folder (/Android/data/com.pavelrekun.rekado/files). Updated: Payloads added using Storage Access Framework now. Payloads: Updated: Hekate to 5.0.0. Development: Updated: Kotlin to 1.3.40. Updated: Coroutines to 1.2.2. Updated: OkHTTP to 4.0.0. Updated: Gradle to 5.5. GITHUB: [Hidden Content] DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]/releases
  13. Diablo build for modern operating systems. This is the Nintendo Switch Port. It's still in Beta as i continue to map the controls over from the PC version How To Play: Extract contents of diablo-nx.zip release into SDMC:\switch\diablo-nx Copy DIABDAT.MPQ from original Diablo game disc or GOG version. Launch diablo-nx.nro Enjoy Controls: Left Analog : Move Hero B : Attack Y : Open Chest/Talk/Pick Up X : Inventory R : Character Right Analog : Simulate Mouse ZR : Left Mouse Click ZL : Drink Heal Potion Minus : Escape to Menu Notes: When pressing 'B' to Attack a monster. it will try to attack the nearest on. Im still playing around with the control scheme. There are lots of bugs. DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content] GITHUB: [Hidden Content]
  14. like changelog says: This is the initial release of the tool. If you want, you can contact the developer Chrs2324 to advise him