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  1. my bad this is actually the correct hash I will edit the op
  2. reuploaded nsp version of Pikachu to gdrive
  3. this one here is safe and I dont think the brick version was actually real
  4. Glad to hear this I think it is the same way you install nsp games just grap an nsp for the update or dlc you want
  5. is a way to verify a file if it is exactly the same as the one in opening post then %100 there was no problem with your download download and install hxd, open it and throw the nsp inside it click on analysis>checksums scroll down and chose MD-5 and you will get the md5 hash for the file compare it to the one in the opening post I think it is a homebrew that updates cfw files in your sd card to the latest version available
  6. sorry never used nsp before Im using xci on sx ox so I dont know how to help you but see this thread in gbatemp the guy has the same error as you and someone suggested sd files 7.3
  7. I dont think you need to download it again there was no problem with the download since the md5 matched try a different sd card
  8. is the md5 hash the same as the one in the opening post?
  9. this is from someone who has the same problem as yours try it
  10. Im sure reinx cant run xci just nsp can you provide an md5 hash to the file? this is the md5 hash for pokemon lets go eevee 1f0bb413053886bdf984959fa856675d Edit:I put the md5 hash for every file in op check your nsp and see if they match or not
  11. never used nsp before I only use xci so I cant help but someone here got it working on reinx 5.1.0. can you provide a checksum for the nsp you have downloaded? maybe an error occurred with your download