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  1. Searching for IT too
  2. Hello, today the Preload of pokémon lets go started. In the past games Like Monster hunter was released as nsp after the Preload. So could it be possible that pokémon lets go is coming soon? Before the offical release
  3. Hello, could someone upload the latest Update for Dragon Quest Heroes 2? Thanks
  4. Hello, Does someone Know if dragon quest heroes have local Wireless multiplayer (2copys +2Switch)
  5. andre1891

    Request Morphies Law

    Hello, Morphies Law is still released today. Could someone upload it
  6. Hello, Is it possible to get zp medals trough nsp?
  7. Hello, could someone maybe upload Monster Hunter Generations as an xci? Or could Tell me how to convert the nsp to an xci? Thanks
  8. Could someone Upload the full DLC's? It wont work with the 120 KB DLC's
  9. Megaman Legacy Collection (USA).xci also works fine to Start devmenu and its only around 2 GB. Better Choice than Bayonetta, to usw it completely offline :-) (I try on 5.1 with SX OS 1.3)