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    Wii, my girl friend, ps3 and xbox 360..
    OH and counter-strike :D
  1. BioChrono

    [MF] DriverPack Solutions 12.3 Full

    Thanks!!! Been searching for my wireless driver for waaay to long
  2. BioChrono

    [MF] Windows 7 48 copies ISO

    Thanks so much
  3. BioChrono

    Try not to laugh

    bump lol
  4. Hey everyone, To those who do not know me, I am BioChrono. I have an Xbox 360 so I wish to share some of my playing experiences with you in the games I have played. Perhaps it may inspire you to get some of these games. So the first game I'm going to review is | The Darkness | This game kind of reminds me of a godfather concept except with a big twist. The main character, Jackie Estacado celebrates his 21st birthday, being in the mob since a young age things start to appear to happen to him. There is something residing inside of him called the darkness which in short is an alien like creature with tentacles. You use this power to get jobs done and become popular among your mob. There is a great story to this which involves you literally dying and going inside the mind of the darkness to see why it has chosen you and how to control it. All in all although this game was fun to play. After I bought it I put it down for at least 2 months before I picked it up again, so in short its slow in the beginning. Gameplay : 7 Story : 5 BioChrono's rating : Not worth getting Overall : 6 | Dante's Inferno | This game is a combination of God of War and Ninja Gaiden with a twist! This game based in the roman war with a lone soldier named Dante. After about 5 minutes of fighting you get surprise attacked and you die. This marks the beginning of the game because the first boss of the game happens to be the grim reaper! If you defeat this demon you gain the grim reapers scythe which becomes your primary weapon. The reason Dante was bound for hell in the first place is because he promised his loyalty to his wife and betrayed it giving his and her soul to the devil. So while cheating death he is regretful and goes and descends into hell to save his wife from Lucifer. Gameplay : 8.5 Story : 9.5 BioChrono's rating : Although it's a game that will keep you on the edge of your seat, it's a fairly short game that took me a nice straight 8 hours to beat. Overall worth getting for a great experience. Overall : 9 | Prince of Persia | This game was very fun and had a snarky main character who's name is never mentioned... This game starts off with you as the main character looking for your donkey which you've lost. This donkey is irrelevant to the story though as our prince meets a princess named Elika. She is running from her father because he has become mad and wants to release the "great god of darkness". Anyway, the objective of the game is to cleanse the land where she lives. This game has very repetitive things to do... to much traveling, not enough fighting. The story ends on a to be continued basis... and you need to purchase the extra content which is 800 Microsoft points and it ends on a cliff hanger... really pissed me off. Gameplay : 7 Story : 4 BioChrono's rating : Too much running around not enough killing or fighting. Story pissed me off and was not as good as the last Prince of Persia. Don't get it. Overall : 5 | Prototype | This game is about a man named Alex Mercer who wakes up in a morgue with two scientists hovering above him about to tear his body apart. Now his first instinct is to get the hell out of there but you quickly realize that you have no memory of who you are. You find out through your first battle that you have shapeshifting powers and can "consume" other humans to take on their form and disguise. When you consume someone you unlock a piece of their memory that may be linked to who you are and how you got these powers. The game play is similar to grand theft auto with a lot more killing based approach. You can't drive cars but later in the game you can drive tanks and helicopters, and the forms you can change into are VERY fun to play with. Gameplay : 8 Story : 9 BioChrono's rating : Game was fun to play from the beginning and had a very long story line that was fun to follow with lots of fun side quests. Defiantly a game to buy! Overall : 8.5 Keep Checking in for new updates on my reviews!
  5. BioChrono

    Onepeice Adventure 1&2

  6. BioChrono

    Word Search!!

    Find the word DOG D G O O D D O D G O O D D O O D O O G G G D O D G O G G O G O G D O O D G O O D D D D G D O O O G G O O G D G O O G D G O G D G O G G O G D D D D G D D O D O O G D O O O D G O G G D O O G G O O D
  7. BioChrono

    Halo 3 or Halo 3 odst

    ahahahaha me and pb were playing firefight (if you know is very long and repetitive) on the last level... we lost
  8. BioChrono

    Halo 3 or Halo 3 odst

    If you have played either of them i want to know your imput
  9. BioChrono

    XBox Live

    i dont have much to contribute except for the fact that since i have all 3 i think xbox live is definitaly superior to wifi or psn
  10. BioChrono

    360 vs PS3

    the day xbox360 bows down to macs is the day chickens fly
  11. BioChrono

    Best Wii Game of All Time

    dude I've been pimping out mine and ur guy both luffy and zoro are @#&%ing strong as @#&% now and dude.... nami is so good....
  12. BioChrono

    My Thoughts

    Wth is marquee?
  13. BioChrono


    Email/msn : [email protected]
  14. BioChrono

    Avenged Sevenfold Drummer Dies At 28

    Rest in peace my friend altho i don't particularity like their music