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  1. Upon thinking it over a lot more, I realize that I truly am just too immature and boisterous/outgoing overall to be a staff at any place which requires in-demand professionalism to be a thing their staff need. Because of this, I have told @ShadowPuppet to please never consider me for absolutely any future staff positions here again, making my initial post saying I hope to one day rejoin no longer true. I'm sorry to disappoint some of you, but I truly do think I'll be happier here as just a regular member helping and having fun with others as I want to.
  2. You never rubbed me the wrong way, no. I liked you very much actually.
  3. I'm sorry, but all I'm understanding still is that yes it's a gaming magazine/cover that coincidentally had a cover featuring ReLoaded for PS1.
  4. I'm sorry, but I honestly don't understand what you are asking. ?
  5. This is easily the best example I have ever seen showing why having a good editor at a magazine or online site is incredibly important. Diehard Gamefan was a magazine from a while back, and it always had a very strong sense that it's a gaming magazine made by actual video gamers too, and not business folk or general electronics/smartphone people. Check out this "review" of College Football '96 for the Sega CD/Mega CD system: Have you ever found any similar things? Please share with us if you have.
  6. Hello everyone. While I did enjoy being a staff member for a while, I regret to inform you all that me and the admins feel my attention seeking tendencies are a bad representation for the staff here. Due to this, I have resigned as a staff for the time being, and will work on not doing that any more. I will still try to be friendly and social, but I will no longer make any posts on my medical condition, 3d modelling, or the like that pretty much do nothing but by try draw attention to myself. I hope that one day after I feel I've proven I have worked on it enough I will come back, but that may not be for a few months at least to be honest. Have a nice day/night everyone. ~Zazaaji.
  7. Zazaaji

    [MULTI] Yoshi's Crafted World [EUR] [.XCI] [V0]

    No offense to the OP here, but I advise everyone to go to the now 6 page thread on this game from 2 hours ago to see/comment if it works or not and which version, as that one is the original one with lots of reports it works already.
  8. Zazaaji

    Yoshi's Crafted World (My Last Release / Leak)

    Both XCI and NSP quota exceeded, but the usual making a copy to your own drive and downloading without waiting trick works flawlessly. Downloading XCI myself since a few people reported it working with picture proof. Will let you all know results later too.
  9. Zazaaji

    request- Yoshi Crafted World

    I was kidding with ya, see my edit .......but it's just a fact that I'm absolutely great at parties :D......
  10. Zazaaji

    request- Yoshi Crafted World

    I bet you're fun at parties ?...... (I'm just joking around with ya) Really though, I'm looking forward to this game too, and honestly it is kinda odd an XCI hasn't leaked yet since retailers already have it and it's hugely popular. Especially when you consider the fact Pokemon Let's Go leaked 2 weeks early in XCI form.
  11. Zazaaji

    Check if the NSP or XCI is a malicious file.

    Hmm, I'm just gonna lock this thread down now, seeing as this was from November and is probably an old/invalid version by now. Check gbatemp for more updated programs before trying this first people.
  12. Dang, thanks for letting me know. I'll probably just wait until Yoshi's Crafted World XCI comes round and put Unravel 2, Yoshi CW, and Chcobo Mystery Dungeon on my switch with one go, updating to 7.0.0.
  13. Again, it is not noob friendly. The best place to get instructions on how to use any Switch Homebrew like that is that site itself, or the github's page. I cannot explain the whole process in a simple reply.
  14. That would be this: [Hidden Content] It is NOT noob friendly to use though, be warned.
  15. @Jabberwockie - I know you've been looking forward to this, just thought I'd point it out to you.