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    USA for the past 11 years, Finland prior 20.
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    -Video Games......obviously
    -Second Life ("Zazaaji" there)
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  1. Zazaaji

    hello world!

    Randomly guessing Black Desert (Online), but Don't know.
  2. Zazaaji

    Quick question for you people

    Youtube simple lyrics video + Any site that lets you convert youtube to mp3. Like this one: [Hidden Content] Seriously, there is no better option for music that I have ever found.
  3. Nah, I never got into speedruns/challengeruns/anything of that sort. I just play for fun, taking my time. It's been at least 15 years since I last played it, so my memory of it is rather foggy in some parts. .......I still remember Valentina's dungeon and battle rather well though.......
  4. So good news. I'll go home tomorrow, Wednesday afternoon (Central USA time)! Been a LONG stay here (for me anyway....), so I'm really glad to get out of here. I'm actually going to start a new game of Mario RPG (SNES) on my Switch tonight (using pSNES, not Retroarch) and get past the long intro stuff, so that I can play it more enjoyably tomorrow once I'm home.
  5. Zazaaji

    Hello :D

    Welcome, , and
  6. General Cystic Fibrosis stuff. I'm past the average age life span of a CF patient already, so it's only normal that things will get worse and worse at a faster and faster rate.
  7. Still in hospital. The tunneling IV central line got placed and works perfectly, but something went wrong with the feeding tube. It seems to work fine technically, but it causes immense pain on every movement to the point where they need to use something called Dilaudid in my IV every 4-6 hours, which is ~12 time strong than morphine. So....... I have no idea what's going to happen, what went wrong, or anything at this point.
  8. Well good news is they have good wifi here, and don't seem to block any websites/vpn/anything at all. 😏 I'll still be around sometimes.
  9. Just FYI everyone - I mentioned yesterday I've been sick for a couple days, but it is GREATLY escalating to the point where I can't walk 10 feet without literally falling down due to insanely bad/sharp pain at every breath. I'm going in the hospital tomorrow (January 14th), just FYI. Depending on their free wifi, I don't know if I'll be on Discord/forums/anywhere at all.
  10. Zazaaji

    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server

    Aww yea, finally. Celebration time!
  11. Zazaaji


    Hi there. I see by your post history that you have already found our Switch section, so welcome to DU. 😎
  12. Zazaaji


    Yup, welcome to the site. 😎
  13. Zazaaji

    Google drive downloader ?

    The most popular one I know of is JDownload2 (the NON ADWARE version), which covers a lot of download hosts including GDrive.
  14. Zazaaji

    How do I hide content?

    Actually if you just leave a link with typing it out reguarly, the forum will automatically hide it for you. You obviously can't see it's hidden yourself if you're signed in, so sign out after posting any regular links if you want to see for yourself.
  15. If you go here: [Hidden Content] I always get a strange error that says one of these three things (or a mix of 2 of them) every single time: