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  1. Well good news is they have good wifi here, and don't seem to block any websites/vpn/anything at all. 😏 I'll still be around sometimes.
  2. Deleted a number of replies saying the links are fake. All the links I tested (random ones) worked perfectly fine and only required a total of 2 extra clicks to get to the actual download. I've never heard of that redirect site before this minute, and it's admittedly an odd redirect site layout when compared to the usual ones here and hence somewhat confusing at first, but I still figured it out pretty quickly while very sick RL. Heck, I didn't even need to disable AdBlock. tl:dr - The links are real and working as of this post.
  3. Just FYI everyone - I mentioned yesterday I've been sick for a couple days, but it is GREATLY escalating to the point where I can't walk 10 feet without literally falling down due to insanely bad/sharp pain at every breath. I'm going in the hospital tomorrow (January 14th), just FYI. Depending on their free wifi, I don't know if I'll be on Discord/forums/anywhere at all.
  4. DLC works for me. I installed the two .nsp files through Tinfoil ignoring required Firmware version. I installed it to NAND though. Once in-game, all the DLC is claimable in the DLC page in items for me.
  5. Just my report on it: 6.2 Switch with 2.5.2 BETA SX OS Pro firmware withOUT Emunand. The XCI works absolutely perfectly for me with the 1.0.1 update NSP installed using the links from this thread. Simply put: If this doesn't work for you and you have my setup I said above, then I'm sad to say that something is wrong with your Switch, SD Card, and/or SX Pro
  6. Not at all, and some staff members would rather be friends with the general members than have them think they are ignoring them (like me....). I'll PM you soon. Moved back to Switch Games, as that's where it should be. Anyone feel free to PM me if it gets moved anywhere else again. PS - We can't see @Staff in anyway, it's just luck that I saw this. You would need to @ specific members like @realshotgun
  7. Zazaaji

    Official DarkUmbra Discord Server

    Aww yea, finally. Celebration time!
  8. I'm gonna let this thread stay here as it works in general, but as a warning to anyone that uses it: Just know it's not always guaranteed to be 100% up to date. This thread goes into more details as to why and more desperate hacking measures for how to deal with the more stubborn ones: [Hidden Content]
  9. @CooLKasT - I need proof of a positive or negative scan from a reliable virus scanning website report before I'll remove the post entirely. One single user with one single anti-virus program isn't reliable in my experience, and can have False Positives. I will disable the links though, until OP (@Wiily) or someone else can PM me the report.
  10. Zazaaji

    SSBU local play

    Me and a few friends do it all the time, 3 of us use CFW (one SX Pro OS {me}, one ReiNX, and one Atmosphere), and 3 of us OFW. The mismatched version error is related to SSB's version. Everyone needs to be on the same version of it, be it 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.2.1, etc. It's highly possible the OFW user has the latest version (1.2.1 I'm pretty sure, so the CFW user will need to get the 5.1 CFW fixed version of the 1.2.1 update NSP, and install it). As long as the game plays though, the System version doesn't have to match in all the systems.
  11. Zazaaji

    Alittle idea that might inspire others

    I'm sorry, I truly didn't mean any harm in my reply. Really, you're a great member here, and I was just trying to joke with you some.... Really though, I hope you'll stay around.
  12. Zazaaji

    Alittle idea that might inspire others

    Literally the first result on google: [Hidden Content] Third image on Google: [Hidden Content] 🎶
  13. I hope you didn't refer to me, since you posted that right after I did. I was just bored and did google search on it, I'm not connected with the OP in any way. I'm just a forum moderator here.
  14. While I am not support for this thread nor dropbox, I went on ahead and checked it out. According to some admin on Dropbox forums: So there's probably not a trick like GDrive has to get around traffic/bandwidth issues.