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  1. Are mods also supported on final fantasy x on switch?
  2. hova23

    NDownloader 1.0 beta

    Then it shouldn't even be on the list. Why have it there if it's just gonna populate a link for a different game? Sorry not trying to be rude or anything. Just pointing out what I encountered so you can fix it.
  3. hova23

    NDownloader 1.0 beta

    Ok but how do you explain that it gave me a different game download link from the one I was actually looking for?
  4. hova23

    NDownloader 1.0 beta

    This still needs a lot of work. For example, it is not aligned properly. Like when I try to navigate and click on something, my cursor needs to be above whatever I wanna click. And also when I tested it to download the game, "shock troopers", it gave me the link for "count bout" instead.
  5. Is your mSD card formatted as fat32 or exfat?
  6. hova23

    Onimusha nsp (US version)

    Thanks but I actually did mention I was looking for the US version in NSP format.
  7. This game just released today. I'm very surprised nobody has uploaded it yet.
  8. Can anybody please share the All-star packs dlc? Thanks.
  9. hova23

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    The OP is fine. It's a member on here that got banned for making violent threats. Thanks mastershoes. Now let's get back to having fun playing these games.
  10. hova23

    MEGAMAN 11

    Waiting patiently for this one too. It comes out this Tuesday but I hope we get it early here. For me, I'm waiting for the NSP format.
  11. Fixed? Is there another one out there that's not working or something, and this is a fixed one? Or what do you mean by "fixed"?
  12. hova23

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Can you pm me the link?
  13. hova23

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    I have 5.1 firmware with sx os 1.9. Exactly like yours, and everything works perfectly on my end. I downloaded the nes nsp from this forum, the one with the gdrive link. And then I downloaded the file from the op and placed the extracted folder in sxos/titles. If you did exactly this, then I have no idea why it's not working for you.
  14. hova23

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    High quality artwork with text description would be great. If possible, bigger boxarts would look better, just a little bit bigger.
  15. hova23

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Oh ok. You didn't put "titles" when you described your folder structure so I figured you made a mistake which is why it's not working for you.