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  1. No ads? I love you and want you to have my babies. For real though, thank you so much! I love the kindness. Too many scumbags posting links that give malware.
  2. please dont use that adsite. You cant getpast the initial page smh
  3. No quota limit? Blatant lie. Smh. Idiot.
  4. Pawnches


    Right? I laughed hard when I saw the actual post, because I thought it was going to be promoting an ISO site or something haha!
  5. Maybe! I don't know. I tried Firefox and IE too. Am I just missing the link? I see the words on the left side, in a box, but that's not clickable, and when I try and do the captcha, I get the 'check', but nothing happens.
  6. Could you possibly use a different hosting site for the upload of the USA NSP file? When I click the captcha, nothing happens, and no link shows up, so I can't get past that adsite. Thank you for the upload!!
  7. Pawnches

    (YouTube) Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

  8. Pawnches

    (YouTube) Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    holy shit it looks fantastic. Love this game. Played through it lord knows how many times.
  9. "Can't add any more reactions today" Hahaha! Just in time. Super duper. Any chance I could get a PM? If not, I'd understand, we're all busy haha! Thank you!
  10. I was unaware, which is why I said that last bit! But hey, it works! And it's a link to something I'd love to see, so thank you:() That was supposed to be a smiley face, but my drunkass finger slipped and it looks like a duck face and I like that better.
  11. I love the incognito way you're fishing for "likes". Not complaining by any means, I think you're doing it the right way! I love it! Unless of course links need spoiler tags? Either way, you're doing it well, and I like it!
  12. Don't be so quick to assume that. Smash 4 was released weeks in advance. Especially with games like Smash, chances are good that it'll release very early. Please drop the baseless pessimism. Much appreciated. Also, shout out to "BigBoiBenis" and his relevant comment.