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  1. Thank you! I humbly request any more <3
  2. I've got this installed on my USB drive, so when i boot up MAME it says it cannot load. I figured I need to edit the config file to point it to USB instead of SD. Would i be right in thinking that? if so can someone tell me how to find the config file.... been looking in the /apps/rastanMAME/ folder but cant find it ><
  3. [Mega] Retro Romhack And Translation Project

    so gooood <3
  4. [1F] [Atari - Lynx] [ROM SET] (No-Intro)

    Does this include the Complete Unreleased Eye of the Beholder?
  5. interesting, wich ones are best?=?
  6. is this the best set of roms that run well on the wii?
  7. [MF] DosBox 1.7 Game Packs

    Sounds awesome, ont have a wireless keyboard so thisll be useful it buttons are mapped to the wiimote
  8. [MEGA] Ultimate Wiiware / VC Wad Collection

    Hope these work on PAL, heard priiloader could brick it and idk what else to use - i got a mac making converting harder.
  9. [MF] Super Mario Bros.: The New Worlds

    thanks loads (: