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  1. No problem, I don't think people realise if the likes of you and a couple others get bored, that stream of free games and Wii U conversation is kinda fucked. Nope. I'm sure when the disc version hits (three days from now?), a disc ticket will magically appear.
  2. Tested and fully working on the latest Loadiine GX2. Works on EUR/US consoles. No idea for JPN. (Yeah, it really does. Guess that guessing it probably wouldn't doesn't count for much, huh?) Obviously this isn't a request thread, so... y'know... don't bother requesting. Password: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content] P.S - Support @asper and his thread.
  3. Small warning: The game HATES SD CARDS. If you have a SD Card with a ton of shit on it, you may have problems. I didn't tbh. Should install to Japanese Sysnand right off the bat. Tested and installed to Rednand (latest IOSUHAX) with no problems. All the rest, CFW and that... I mean, use your brain & work it out. Should be fine. Got a problem with mega m8? Then... y'know... just get it off NUS, it's there. Want the updates? Again.. NUS. It also updated fine through the console fwiw. Is this the super-deluxe mega ex alpha feat. Dante edition? NO. DLC yadda-yadda? NooOOOooOoOooOOo. The game is sorta super-average imo. Press Y loads of times to win! OK. Back into retirement I go and props to everybody still doing this shit btw. Have fun! [Hidden Content]
  4. HerptyDerpty

    Nes Remix 2 [EUR] - eShop - Loadiine Ready

    Yeah, me. EUR Console 5,5.1, Latest Loadiine. Working normally. Suggest you check whether it downloaded and copied over properly + making sure whatever program you used to extract is also the latest version.
  5. HerptyDerpty

    Runbow [ARNP0P] (eShop) - Loadiine [EUR]

    I'm pretty sure the link was down when you left a thanks... it's been re-uploaded just now if you haven't grabbed it elsewhere.
  6. HerptyDerpty


    Thank you for the contribution.
  7. Goddamit. Re-uploaded. New link up now.
  8. It's split into parts to make it more convenient for myself to upload and for other users to download. Not everybody is blessed with awesome internet connections. Download all the parts (make sure they are all in the same place) and just extract the folder from the first part, WinRar will do everything else for you.
  9. HerptyDerpty

    Unepic [WEPPUP] (eShop) (Loadiine Ready)

    Twat monger.
  10. Fair enough. I take back my flippant remark, sir.
  11. It never hurts to download the latest WinRar. Make sure you download the rar files 1 by 1 and put them in the same folder. If you've downloaded them as zip file, you need to extract them all from the zip file before opening the rar files.
  12. Have the courtesy to respond properly and not like Beavis on Ritalin.