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  1. platanos

    [MEGA] Some Unreleased NSP Converted Games

    Some admin please ban softcobraweb. Now we're going to miss all the efforts from johnny2k4
  2. platanos

    [MEGA] Some Unreleased NSP Converted Games

    Thank you very much Keep up the good work!
  3. platanos

    [MEGA] Some Unreleased NSP Converted Games

    Hello johnny2k4 Could you please upload the following games converted from XCI to NSP??? 3D Mini Golf Legend of Kay Anniversary Party Planet Psyvariar Delta Soldam - Drop, Connect, Erase
  4. 574 members have voted yes.
  5. Thanks heaps. Keep up the good work my lord.
  6. I've updated to 5.0.1 and scanning feature is not detecting my nsp I had already downloaded in v4.1.1. v4.1.1 detected my files, but not 5.0.1. I've rescanned several times with no luck.
  7. Thanks for this awesome work! sub folder scanning not working for me. Only scans main folder.
  8. What url do you use? Previous versions of the GUI had more than 800 titles, but recent versions only have 615 titles. I checked theurl in CDNSPconfig.json and it points to [Hidden Content]
  9. Hi Rex123a1. I have installed Python 3.7 with "add to path" ticked. I have also downloaded the required files you put in "1, READ THIS FIRST PLS.txt" However, when I try to run the app "CDNSP - GUI - Bob - v2.1.py" all I get is this: [Hidden Content]
  10. Rex123a1 could you add some feature to sort the list so we can easily see latests titles added to the database?
  11. platanos


    Keep up the good work man.