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  1. sion.zaphod

    NES Online Mod (EXTRA ROMS)

    Is this latest update working on Hekate cfw? I installed the latest NES Switch Online update NSP, downloaded the latest mod pack and copied to sd (yes in the right place for layeredfs /atmosphere/titles/0100d870045b6000). When I start NES Switch Online it hangs on the red screen with the NES controllers. Layeredfs was working fine on hekate with Switch Online until I installed bot update nsps. Can someone either post instructions for it working/provide proof it actually works (video/pics).
  2. sion.zaphod

    [GamerzCorp] Tengami EUR [WG3P7X]

  3. sion.zaphod

    [GamerzCorp] Year Walk EUR [APNP6X]

    Awesome cheers
  4. sion.zaphod

    [GamerzCorp] Life Of Pixel EUR [BLPPLY]

    Awesome cheers