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  1. Horrordee

    Can't load DevMenu freezing

    I posted a fix. Look at my post history
  2. You didn’t follow the instructions lol You didn’t follow the instructions lol
  3. Yes it crashes if you scroll down, but you don't need to scroll down to install games. And resetting is hardly a big deal. I have no idea why you'd bother waiting personally.
  4. I added instructions for Windows into my post. I haven't tested them, but they should work. Run at your own risk.
  5. I was having issues loading DevMenu on SX OS 1.3 If like me you're seeing a Nintendo and Switch logo on a black screen when launching DevMenu, do the following:
  6. Well I found the solution boys If you are getting a black screen with logos when attempting to load DevMenu, you have to do the following: [Hidden Content]
  7. Ok - what have I done wrong? When I launch pokemon quest I get stuck on a black screen with the nintendo logo at top left, and the switch logo at the bottom right. Cannot get out of it without a hard reboot.
  8. Horrordee

    [REQ] Mario Tennis Aces

    I think it's out Friday?
  9. Horrordee

    [GDRIVE] - little nightmares {upload requested}

    Thanks. Thanks.
  10. Hello Would love Littlenightmares via Google Drive! Thanks!
  11. Horrordee

    [GOOGLE-DRIVE] [130 games] [XCI] Games Collection ...

    One assumes Mr Nintendo found Mr Spider and threatened to break his web!
  12. Horrordee

    [REQ] Sonic Mania (USA)

  13. Horrordee

    [REQ] Sonic Mania (USA)

    It's not been ripped. You can see what's been ripped by going here: [hide][Hidden Content]]