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  1. [REQ] Mario Tennis Aces

    I think it's out Friday?
  2. [GDRIVE] - little nightmares {upload requested}

    Thanks. Thanks.
  3. [REQ] Little Nightmares [GDrive]

    Hello Would love Littlenightmares via Google Drive! Thanks!
  4. [GOOGLE-DRIVE] [130 games] [XCI] Games Collection ...

    One assumes Mr Nintendo found Mr Spider and threatened to break his web!
  5. [REQ] Sonic Mania (USA)

  6. [REQ] Sonic Mania (USA)

    It's not been ripped. You can see what's been ripped by going here: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  7. Nintendo Switch Hombrew Menu Hack 4.0 & 5.0

    Shame we cannot launch any of the games yet!
  8. [Release] Monopoly - Fifa 18 - NBA 2K18 - Ben 10

    Would really like Sonic Mania and Golf Story. Looks like they worked out how to rip eShop titles with yooka (not that it’s looking likely we will be able to play them as soon as the cart rips), so I’m really hoping they’ll release these two gems!!