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  1. Yes now that I've been told the "spoiler" and your help I'll continue on happily. Thank you, so very much.
  2. OK then maybe it's me thinking he should say something other than am I having issues finding them. I've even marked them and went to them and he won't say anything else. Maybe I just need to go to the last one and say screw him and enjoy the game lol. I just thought I had to get him to say something to proceed lol.
  3. I can see them I mark them but then he says no and points me to the help. It is then that I always see that the slate is coming up damaged. When I am home I can take a picture of the screen, but it refuses to let me mark them. I can go to the shrines just fine manually. But I cannot prompt him past this.
  4. Finally got it to work and it's playable but when I go to the tower to mark the shrines I get in the game "the sheikah slate data has been damaged" and I cannot use the slate anymore. Any one else have the issue? Anyone that can help? I cannot mark the shrines at all. I have started over 7 times and every time this happens. Both in loadiine version and USB. Multiple reinstalls, downloads, I even went to order the game and can't find it in Stock near me. It's on a EU console. Any help would be appreciated, I haven't played a Zelda game since my little brother died in 1998. These were our games from the start. So I finally after this long came to terms with it. Maybe because it's not so "zelda"
  5. *edit* should be better if I make my own post
  6. yeah didnt fix mine either im not too sure whats wrong unless its because i used to use a different method to play.
  7. I have this issue as well so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have run the update as well, so not sure what's gone wrong. Strange, I'll try the update again.
  8. cheers
  9. thank you been playing through all the fire emblems