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  1. why not remove the old update ? or do we need to install both ??
  2. as905

    [INFO] All about Mario Maker 2 leaks

    silly threads like this one makes me sad to be a Switch gamer
  3. as905

    Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

    similar gameplay style to ace combat games
  4. FAST RMX Update v1 3 NSW-SUXXORS v196608 @mrdanny1975isn't this an old update ?
  5. as905

    Arcade Archives Armed F NSP

    Location: Give me your money! 😎 i agree chefmario shmups are the best
  6. thanks for the reply,at least you are one of the very few uploaders who reply to questions about their uploads. so nightwolf is in future update & may also require internet connection as does most of this game
  7. i have never ever used cheats on Switch before but i got this one working now & yes it seems like i need to re-activate cheat every time i start the game. i just wish this cheat had nightwolf & sheeva
  8. do you need to activate the cheat every time you start the game ?
  9. the way you typed the cheats on in previous post is different to the way it is typed on the file you uploaded,hence why it didn't work !!! thanks for the working upload correct order: [Unlock Collection + Shao Kahn + Frost (On)] 04000000 0260CAF0 320003E0 04000000 0260CAF4 D65F03C0 system crash once cheat activated !!!
  10. yes i know,still giving error parsing the cheats file !! i will just wait for the unlocker. thanks for sharing