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  1. you can't play N64 or PS1 games with Retroarch & this is more straight forward than Retroarch
  2. i think i did it,i was using wrong settings to convert it but now it seems to be working fine, thanks very much your work has made my Wii U so much better specially the 6 awesome gamepad supported emulators on this thread
  3. got it many thanks, any chance for Wiiflow Wii U forwarder ?
  4. you are right ,i have no idea how i missed it & why OP did not include !!! @matvigl can you please upload the PS one too ?
  5. @matvigl by the way i found error on your listing True Crime is 0MB
  6. @matvigl by the way can you do the same for WiiFlow & Wiisx ? i know WiiFlow can't support Gamepad since it's for Wii games but nice to have a Wii U channel forwarder for it. also is NeoGeo available for vWii ? i don't think i have seen it anywhere
  7. honestly i have been looking for this way to boot emulators with gamepad support for long time so finally i can say my Wii U is complete,i don't need anything else installed. THANK YOU SO MUCH
  8. yes i already have Haxchi so will test now thanks
  9. any chance you can please share those files with me, i would love to have the same forwarders you have on my Wii U.
  10. can i ask where did you get the emulators forwarders from & do they have GAMEPAD support ?
  11. @matvigl any idea how to exit these Wii games ? it looks like the only way to exit a game is by turning off the Wii U console!! is this the only way ?
  12. please could you do some SHMUPS ? i have tried converting the amazing 3 shmups games below but no success the only one i was able to convert is geometry wars which is already on your list,if you can do these 3 i will be very grrateful Ultimate Shooting Collection Blast Works Illvelo [RYVJMS] and what ever else you can find.
  13. what is the need for this when you can have the Nintendont wii u forwarder with gamepad support ? there is no need to install games,just copy & paste GC iso's to the games folder on your SD card !!
  14. i tested okami,mario sports & kirby none support the gamepad