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  1. as905

    Whispering Willows [NSP]

    thanks & btw i have not seen the update uploaded anywhere it's just when i start the game it tells me there is an update
  2. as ben01412 said this feature is already available by other devs so i'm not sure what do you mean by saying the switch is only 2 years old !!! it's not like it's a none existing feature !! i could be wrong but i think i know why no one else yet but the TX paid devs has this usb feature is because the only FREE dev available who can do it is not interested in it,all he is interested in is cracking the hard to get codes. other switch devs are just about able to compile their own flavour of his Atmosphere CFW with his cracked codes even the sig patches for these CFW's are originally (borrowed) from TX team.
  3. as905

    Whispering Willows [NSP]

    @Link420 there is an update for this game any chance you can add it ? thanks
  4. when do you guys we will be able to run games via USB ? has anyone made any progress to add such useful features ? i'm surprised why the Switch Devs vs Wii & Wii U Devs lack the skill to do it when they have the skill to crack codes & everything else ?
  5. after requesting you post the games sizes i was going to request you also include the game type aka rpg,action....etc but it looks like you're already back to not including the games sizes. never mind
  6. do you know what would be awesome ! if uploaders here include the size of the uploads ! just like uploaders on other forums do
  7. @mrdanny1975 any chance you can post the new pixel junk monsters update ? thanks
  8. as905

    The Deer God [NSP]

    latest pixel junk monsters update please link
  9. as905


    newset update is 1.1.5 why would you want 1.1.3 ?
  10. amazing game,i think they're going to release both games
  11. @mrdanny1975 if i can make a request please if your game is not in english for example Japanese then put JPN in the title like others do. thanks