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  1. I've just recently been looking into launchbox, though I'm tempted to just make custom shortcuts for everything and add them to Steam instead. I only really want it so I have a single list that I can pick any game from, rather than using a bigscreen mode or whatever. Honestly I don't really like Steam's big picture mode anyway, I just use the list view. Most important to me is getting the Steam controller to play with non-steam games and have customisation, which is a bit of an effort, however it's worth it because the Steam controller is gorgeous. P2P would be the best way to share files across launchbox, but since it's a commercial product it's unlikely that they'd implement it. Perhaps an open source launcher may be forthcoming as demand increases? I know I hate having Steam, Uplay, Origin, GOG, and all my emulators to trawl through, but Launchbox isn't quite cutting it for me at this moment in time.
  2. DreamHazard

    Please Welcome our new Staff!

    Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate this opportunity I know I'm not currently the most active member of DU, but I'm always more than happy to help those who need it, and share knowledge where I can with that said, my hearty congratulations to FGR and Norm for their promotions as well!
  3. DreamHazard

    Opportunity Comes a Knockin'

    The search bar is very unobtrusive, I think that's the reason for so many help requests etc. in the shoutbox. If it was a bit more obvious in the layout it might help to prevent some of these requests. If we had a dedicated Help and Support chat we could implement a function for moderators to select several messages and format them into a help and support forum post, so that others may benefit from the support that's been offered in real time. Similar to those live chat things when you go on to a website and you can talk to a member of staff, but better formatted to a multi-user experience. It's definitely possible to make an RSS reader that strips formatting and links, which would make it much easier to paste in as plain text, the only issue would be the images not pasting in, they'd have to be added manually. I'll have a play around with some scripts and see if it'd be possible to do in-browser, to get just an "article view", since most blogs use the same formatting it'd be easy to snag just the main content, and then format it specifically for DU. The next step if this works would be for news hounds to be able to post to the appropriate sections of the forum directly from a browser extension. Very possible, it'd just take a bit of work
  4. [Hidden Content] A collection of punk Christmas songs by the illustrious Bad Religion, the antidote to crappy supermarket carols. Enjoy! Requires 7zip/Winrar to extract
  5. DreamHazard

    [Torrent] Now You See Me (2013) 1080p EXTENDED

    Thanks for the link, downloading now
  6. DreamHazard

    Discworld - pc game

    The original runs fine under DOSBox, so if you've got a copy just download DOSBox to get it running. If not I've got the disk knocking about somewhere, I'll upload it if you need it.
  7. DreamHazard

    Minecraft For Free!

    Only if they're running a "cracked server" which is pretty much a server that doesn't check logins against the minecraft host server. It's a flag that can be set in the server's config, it's that simple
  8. GetGlue 3.1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Glowfly 0.9.42 [hide][Hidden Content]] Good Morning 2.4 [hide][Hidden Content]] Google Chrome to Phone 2.3.1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Google Drive [hide][Hidden Content]] Google Play Music 4.3.615.481147 [hide][Hidden Content]] GPP Remote Control 3.5.4 [hide][Hidden Content]] GrooVe IP 1.2.27 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. Fabrik Pro(Cloud Ebook Reader) 1.0 [hide][Hidden Content]] FilePush 1.2.1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Firefox Beta v16.0 Build 2012092520 [hide][Hidden Content]] Flashlight HD [hide][Hidden Content]] FlotN Spl 1.2.3 [hide][Hidden Content]] FolderSync 2.2.2 [hide][Hidden Content]] FxCamera 2.3.3 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Easy Touch (iPhone style) 2.0.9g [hide][Hidden Content]] EasyRSS 0.5.14 [hide][Hidden Content]] Elixir [hide][Hidden Content]] Embiggen 1.5.1 [hide][Hidden Content]] EVA - Virtual Assistant 2.43 [hide][Hidden Content]] Evernote 4.2.2 [hide][Hidden Content]] EveryCircuit 1.15 [hide][Hidden Content]] Exoplanet Explorer 2.3.1 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. DiskUsage 3.2.2 [hide][Hidden Content]] Dolphin Browser Beta 1.0.9 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. Calls Blacklist 1.20 [hide][Hidden Content]] Chess Timer 2.2.1 [hide][Hidden Content]] Circle Alarm 1.0.5 [hide][Hidden Content]] Conjure 1.1.0 [hide][Hidden Content]] Countdown in Status Bar Pro 1.5.5 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. Backgrounds 0.1.2212 [hide][Hidden Content]] Battery HD Pro 1.18 [hide][Hidden Content]] Bible Quotes 4.1.3 [hide][Hidden Content]] Bluedict 5.3.2 [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. A.I.type Keyboard Plus [hide][Hidden Content]] Airpush Detector 2.4 [hide][Hidden Content]] Anatomy 3d Pro - Anatronica 1.47 [hide][Hidden Content]] AndFTPPro 3.0 [hide][Hidden Content]] Android Eye - Computer Vision 1.1.0 [hide][Hidden Content]] Any.DO To Do List Task List 2.19 [hide][Hidden Content]] AppExtractor 1.5.8 [hide][Hidden Content]] Avast Internet Security [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. 1Tap Eraser Pro 1.1 [hide][Hidden Content]] 7Zipper 1.7.6 [hide][Hidden Content]]