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    [Hidden Content]= this porn sites are open with your link ticket-waiting (at least 30s) reduced download speed (now max. 100 kb/s) annoying advertisements after some pages here's the download... thanks for the up but it's inusable
  2. using sx os 1.3 Be sure to have the same title id from game donnor and directory in sc card Gamme XXXX have title ID number 1000000000000 in your sd card you must have SDCARD:\SXOS\TITLES\1000000000000\exefs\main SDCARD:\SXOS\TITLES\1000000000000\exefs\rtld SDCARD:\SXOS\TITLES\1000000000000\exefs\sdk SDCARD:\SXOS\TITLES\1000000000000\exefs\subsdkO SDCARD:\SXOS\TITLES\1000000000000\exefs\min.npdm <--- this one have to be modyfied in the website i gave in 1rst post with 1000000000000 and uploading thi file and downloading and finaly overwrite. SDCARD:\SXOS\TITLES\1000000000000\various dirs ... accounts, drawable, sound , values etc ... once it's done just lunch the game.
  3. i don't understand, i'm using SX OS and i'm allways offline.
  4. downloaded hulu with CDNSP installed with devmenu (donor bayonetta) hulu is small enough for me ...
  5. i managed to make it work with hulu , the smallest size i found. 0100a66003384000|7704bed48574f50842d160f8d44d397c|Hulu downloaded and installed it used this webpage to modify the main.npdm with 0100a66003384000 :[Hidden Content] overwrited the main.npdm with the file downloaded from the site above and copied all to sxos/titles/0100a66003384000 that it
  6. i wonder if it's possible to choose a smaller donnor ? 8gigs to lunch the dev menu is a bit too larger.
  7. i wonder if , with a backup of mario+rabbt installed from sx os, it's possbile to lunch hecate and use the mario+rabbid to lunch this one...