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  1. It's working just fine, it's hit it's limit but that's normal, jump in to your google drive look for files shared with me and then make a copy on your drive to download.
  2. 404 not found for both XCI's of American Fugitive, do you mind reuploading. thanks again
  3. akoli

    [RELEASE] Retroarch 1.7.7

    Indeed it does, still get the 403 forbidden but the file does come down too. Thanks
  4. You must be new here, have a good adblocker and antivirus and firewall, should block the junk websites and malware coming through although you have to partially turn it off.... I got 84 blocked website links from clicking on the two links...
  5. Gear boxes do not work without a wifi connection same as purchasing some items, not everyone gives a shit about being online when will publishers realise we are not all fortnite sheep who buys skins and crap for the sake of it.. appreciate the upload buddy will grab the DLC and see how we go. Anyone have a 100% save that I can try and see if that unlocks the gear boxes.
  6. thanks nsp looks good ... movie of the same name is pretty good too.
  7. Have to love update files... game is only 6gb update 25gb ... game will be in in a few minutes, update from 1f will be done in 3 days....appreciate the upload, but hopefully someone can split the update over two drive accounts to save them paying for a premium one.
  8. The google drive link needs to be tweaked says not found, I found it easy enough appreciate the uploads; [Hidden Content]
  9. Guide worked just fine thanks, bad habit of scrolling straight to the bottom of the page must have missed that thanks
  10. Worms , Yoku and Moto GP have already hit their download limit, will keep trying. thanks
  11. thanks one for the collection
  12. akoli

    [MEGA] FIFA 13 EUR + UPDATE [Loadiine]

  13. loved this game thanks