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  1. Sweet.. Like candy..
  2. PangYa! Awesome stuff! Thank you!
  3. I saw this, and thought it was just a mountain climbing sim. Apparently, it's some kind of survival horror game? Thanks for posting!
  4. Last time I tried adding it, and running it, it displayed a white screen. Hopefully this version will be better...
  5. Another one I was never able to find. Thanks!
  6. Makes me want to go get some quarters and find a table...
  7. My wife loves these kinds of games. Thanks much!
  8. I played this one once, after a funeral. LOL Enough time has passed to revisit this.
  9. I never got the chance to ride this at Disney World. I doubt the game will come close, but who knows?
  10. I had no idea this was made for Wii, but it makes sense that they would take advantage of the control style. Thanks!
  11. Bad Dudes, yes...
  12. The wife loves these games. Thanks much!
  13. Wow, what a strange game... Nice find!