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  1. punkydudester

    [Help Me Please!!] Fat32 Partition Disapeared [HDD] [Wii]

    It sounds like it formatted your FAT32 HDD. That really sucks. I hope you had everything backed up.
  2. Unfortunately this emulator doesn't support CHD files. I wish it did. I really want to play CarnEvil on my Wii.
  3. punkydudester

    RiiConnect24 - Use Wii Channels Again

    This is freakin amazing! I can't wait to try it out. I wonder what progress has been made at this point.
  4. punkydudester

    [MF] 4.3U Themes

    It's not that big of a deal. Seriously. That's how you unlock stuff. If you don't like replying then donate to DU. They unlock all of the posts for you as a thank you. All of the money is used to keep DU online and running. Websites and servers cost money. Last time I checked it was hundreds of dollars to keep this site running and a lot of free time given endlessly. Most of us who did all of this work you are getting for free have donated and we chose to share it but really didn't have to. Even $10 is a big deal and we hope most of you find it in your heart to donate even $5. I have donated to many emulator projects as well as other homebrew besides this site and then freely created packs people could enjoy. You are going to offend many of the admins on here and that can result in a ban and these guys are smart and can track IP addresses and so on to make sure you never come back... so I suggest you quit complaining about something so easy.
  5. punkydudester

    [MF] 4.3U Themes

    I just tried a bunch of the links and they seem to work fine. Which ones are you trying?
  6. punkydudester

    [MF] 4.3U Themes

    Unfortunately all of these would have to be reconverted and I just don't have the time to do it but you are welcome to it. If you do then post it here for everyone as I did.
  7. I have a big update planned but I currently don't have much time right now. I will continue to grow the games and will test them myself.
  8. punkydudester

    [MF] WiiColem emulator (ColecoVision) with 169 roms

    And now is your chance. The graphics for this system were pretty good. A lot of great games.
  9. Yes many and they all work. I just wish I could get the 5200 part to work. No one seems to know how to do it so my guess is that is doesn't.
  10. Oh yes, if there is any problems with the link just PM me and I will look into it.
  11. Ya me too but they were expensive. I only ever saw them in catalogs. Now is your chance.
  12. I hear you dude but it will be fun trying.
  13. Get a Sandisk brand, they are great and I have never had one fail. All other brands have failed me.
  14. The main problem is the emulator was never completely finished and polished, but it is a good one. I personally can play these same games on the Atari emulators paks I made which run a lot better. The place I get my roms are from an excellent source but you are all welcome to get them from other sites and try them. I tested a few popular roms and I was satisfied that it would work. I have other emulators I have tested every rom for but not many and that requires more time than I have.
  15. I used to used this all of the time but it got outdated and had a hard time running. I now use WiiMC for any music stations and it works great and 1000's of stations to listen to anytime.