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  1. Ready for Loadiine The Urbz: Sims in the City: Password:UrbzLyfeIzLit Notes: + Save files remain. + Full speed. - Music is distorted. - Water flickers. Unrelated: You guys could be a big contributor to the Nintendo DS homebrew scene if you assisted in taking HD pictures (at least 720p or higher) of your box art and game carts. The box art included is low quality and I was unable to even find an image of the game cart. Since game icons are a staple for Nintendo DS games, the game cart part is not necessarily mandatory, but it would be a nice option to have all the same.
  2. Ready for Loadiine Chrono Trigger: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:WhyChronoTriggerNotOnWiiUYet
  3. Does anybody have some injections of Puyo Puyo SUN and Puyo Puyo Party? I noticed they are compatible with Loadiine and it is my favorite puzzle game. It would be nice if somebody had some existing injections to share.