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  1. Pecinejo

    Wii PAL ISO Torrents (433 games)

    Very agradecido, macho
  2. Pecinejo

    Peppa Pig : Fun & Games (WBFS PAL)

    Thanks x10
  3. Pecinejo

    Peppa Pig : The Game (WBFS PAL)

    Mi sobrino te da las gracias por el juego.
  4. Pecinejo

    Angry Birds Trilogy (WBFS PAL)

    Muy agradecido por el aporte.
  5. Pecinejo

    [WBFS] Just Dance Disney Party 2 PAL

  6. Pecinejo

    [MEGA] LEGO Batman 2 DC Super Heroes [ALBPWR] EUR

  7. Pecinejo

    Super Mario Maker Level Code Thread

    La locura de Mario & co. C175-0000-0277-381D
  8. Pecinejo

    [WBFS] Martian Panic PAL

    Thanks a lot
  9. Pecinejo

    Super Mario Maker Level Code Thread

    All my levels: Toma de contacto: 592D-0000-000F-B149 Underground Jump: 58C0-0000-000F-CC14 Not only Rocky go upstairs: DC98-0000-0010-B076 You`re gone hate it: 4DB5-0000-0012-022C Bowser`s castle 3-4: FD0A-0000-0014-A3F1 Yoshi`s sky: 6C15-0000-0022-F642 Not scared: 909A-0000-0031-0330 Bowser`s family castle: F3B0-0000-0036-9282 Dos caminos, un destino: 62D1-0000-003C-C732 Mario Climbers V.2: 94AA-0000-0049-7619 (H.A.) Los cañones de Nakasone: 68DE-0000-004F-0BAC Game Zone Paradise V4: 8A9D-0000-005D-AB88 Fortress of sound: 4327-0000-005D-AF7E Lakitu is a friend: B27A-0000-0060-245D Jump in the airette: 0787-0000-0060-2BA6 Walking alone: 4F89-0000-0060-A13D Indoor use only: 9ECC-0000-007A-EA13 El automático 1: 78D3-0000-0083-814A Mario Climbers V.3: 96F6-0000-0087-00E0 Just press up (fastest possible): 0697-0000-008B-409C Fire Flower vs. 3 Bowsers: 8DDC-0000-0091-DA74 Level 22: 4D98-0000-00BE-4479 Revoestrellas (Luigi Climbers): C7A0-0000-00E1-E7B1 SMW Undercup: 4CF4-0000-00EE-14EA 1-4 Bowsers are waiting: 55B5-0000-0129-7792 Mario Cudeiro & Temple of Doom r: 5AB6-0000-0129-8AF6 Captain Toad don`t need jump: DFCD-0000-0131-2A11 Ghost T-rail (automatic level): 599-0000-0189-A54B Trolling you: 0A9F-0000-018C-EA4C Game Zone Paradise V5: 8CE9-0000-018D-0EE7 Castle the 3rd: A956-0000-018E-D48A Sub 9-2: ED0C-0000-01A4-3C9E It`s war!!!!!: 5BD5-0000-01BA-C649 Game Zone Paradise V.9: 2396-0000-001E-0FAD Diving with yellow submarine: 7FD0-0000-01FF-2795 Red coins and tears: A02C-0000-01FF-9F91 Newer zone: 2CD3-0000-0203-5D56 Red coins only for bowser battle: AA13-0000-0232-8157 Older bros. Simple jumps: CD49-0000-023A-9CEF Botanic Mario: 3462-0000-023D-4882 Mario Climbers v3: 961F-0000-0259-EBC5 Game Zone Paradise S_3: 2454-0000-0261-578A You`re gonna hate it 2: E79E-0000-0266-1257 B&M: The Eleven Round: 3FE4-0000-0266-228D