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  1. Thank you this game is a classic, if you can can you add silent scope wide screen parched please
  2. Is this update only for the digital edition or will it work with the XCI game?
  3. Does anyone have the new update for 2Kplaygrounds 2 ??
  4. Hi anyone has a newer update for this game besides the 1.05 update and also maybe the newest roster save file Thank you.
  5. Thank you for sharing , I used Tinfoil to install the special update and everything is working 100 percent on 6.1 no need to update the system to 6.2
  6. kingm2

    [1F] NBA 2K19 Update v1.04 NSW VENOM

    Thank you appreciate that , also can you please upload your roster and save game data so people off line can have the most recent roster and City jerseys . Thank you
  7. Can someone upload the new roster update and the 2K19 game save data , this might be the only way to acquire the new city jerseys.
  8. kingm2


    Wow Finally thank you so much , yes this is the Halloween ???update and I can confirm this is working
  9. looking for the new update please
  10. thanks