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  1. fallenangemon0

    OpenBOR Latest (+GAMES)

    Is the Megaupload app actually required to download the games? Last time I used it, it came with shitloads of bloatware.
  2. fallenangemon0

    [MEGA] CTGP Revolution V1.02.003 NTSC-U (wbfs)

    This is one of the single greatest contributions on the site. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. Do I just move the file into my drive with Wii backup manager? I did that and I get the "disc error" black screen when I try to load it. Does this need any special setting in USB Loader GX?
  3. fallenangemon0

    [DD] Not64 Second Edition

    Thanks man! My wii is turning out to be STACKED thanks to your uploads!
  4. fallenangemon0

    [MF] WiiSX Beta 2.1 USB2 MOD 04b / 3 Forwarders

    Nice upload! Hopefully this will run a little better than the last version I tried!
  5. Nice! Dude thanks so much! Everything is gonna look so perfect with all this set up!
  6. Great share! Thanks a lot for the upload! What's best is that you bothered to test them all. That saves us all soooo much work!
  7. fallenangemon0

    [MEGA] Ultimate Wiiware / VC Wad Collection

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. Many uploaded to TPB are just corrupt and nonfunctioning no matter what. ATTENTION: If it's lagging super bad or freezing when trying to see the links by opening the preview tabs (in here or any other thread) simply use settings in your browser to disable Javascript from running. You should be able to then see a "Preview" tab's contents without your browser wanting to kill the page due to a long running script. then renable Javascrip when you're done!
  8. fallenangemon0

    [Wii] WiiFlow 4 and Emunand

    Thanks a bunch for this. Probably the ONLY way to get Kirby 64 Running past the infamous "You will need the Classic Controller" freeze.
  9. fallenangemon0

    [MF] +6000 Sega Genesis, Megadrive, & 32X Rom Pack