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  1. DarkStar84

    MK11 Switch

    Torrent Only MK11 Switch magnet:?xt=urn:btih:bmmtzdrkuiccpqdf7uxtw7vmbys2fnxq&dn=MK11%20%2B%20Update&xl=24563073294&fc=3 copy paste link
  2. DarkStar84

    Playstation 4 Homebrew Store

    Only made for Hacked PS4 Consoles. This is free non profit. The APK File is ready to install. [Hidden Content] Make sure you have the proper format USB and file placed on the root of your USB Thumb Drive, Watch video Below. By: Modded WARFARE
  3. DarkStar84

    StargateNX Spanish Review

    I'll pay you $10 to get me access.
  4. DarkStar84


    I'll pay anyone $10 bucks just to send me a copy of the Stargate NX files. I can not find a leak anywhere. I'll pay you $10 bucks to get me access.
  5. DarkStar84

    Nintendo Switch 6.2.0 Official

    Here is the official Firmware for 6.2.0 for the Switch. Now that custom firmware is out there to supporting the latest games made for the console. Complete with my text tutorial on how to install it. thanks for your support. -DarkStar84 Enjoy! [Hidden Content]
  6. DarkStar84

    NIntendo Switch News Update 6.2.0 Cracked

    I believe the save file should still work. I backed up Pokken Tournament DX and my original file still works fine with and without custom firmware.
  7. DarkStar84

    NIntendo Switch News Update 6.2.0 Cracked

    Not at the Moment, just have to wait for the new "Custom Firmware" 6.2 release.
  8. DarkStar84

    NIntendo Switch News Update 6.2.0 Cracked

    It is available, i won't release it cause it's stopping all custom firmware from running on the Switch. Need to wait for a new custom firmware version for all Atmosphere, ReiNX, SXOS, SXOS PRO and many others.
  9. Within 3 Days time, Version 6.2.0 Has been cracked. Also in other news, rumor of a Smash Bros Ultimate NSP could possibly "Brick" your Switch console. Only time will tell for future custom firmware update for the new 6.2.0 System Update. Keeping you posted -DarkStar84
  10. NIntendo is finally fighting back and now has found away to shut down and block all "Custom Firmware" Do not Update to "Firmware 6.2.0" This could be preparation for Smash Bros Ultimate. This Affects All: Atmosphere, ReiNX, SXOS, SXOS PRO, & Many More. Please Watch this Video: -DarkStar84
  11. DarkStar84

    YouTube NSP + Patch

    YouTube NSP Bundle with Patch Support for all banned console. Works with all custom firmware. [Hidden Content] Enjoy
  12. DarkStar84

    Nintendo Switch Firmware 6.1.0 New System Update

    I have SXOS myself, works perfectly fine. Make sure you always update from Team Executor.
  13. I only tested Pokemon let's go pikachu. Don't know what to make of this. Than I tested the key again, extracted a NCA File of the game and now it's Decrypted. no clue on what to do next.
  14. How do I download from ZippyShare? Thanks