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  1. PS4 OMSK [Mega Download]

    Modded PS4 Only [MEGA Download] [Hidden Content] Enjoy!
  2. This here is the official "Silent Hill Playable Teaser" "Canceled" PS4 Tech Demo. Only for PS4 user's with modded PS4 systems with the support of -[*Debug Settings]. These are the official PKG files designed for Debug Settings. Place files into the root of your USB, Install, unlock the game & enjoy. [Mega Download] [Hidden Content] - DarkStar84
  3. Switch Homebrew Launcher 2.0 Only compatible with firmware 3.0 All other Switch Owners with greater firmware will have to wait. Such as Firmware 4.0 Dwonload FIle [Hidden Content] Youtube Video
  4. This here is a "Rare" Japanese Nintendo Gamecube demo disc used for promotional purposes. Disc Type: Demo Disc - Size: 1.35GB - Format: ISO - Release Year: 2002 - Region: Japan Downloaded this demo many years ago before the official full game release. I happened to come across it earlier today, tested it and surprisingly still works till this day. Hope you guys enjoy much as I do, have it part of your collection, thanks for your support Gamecube fans. - DarkStar84 Please Note: The strange language text seen in the photo. Might be a compatibility error, But it still works perfectly well. [MEGA DOWNLOAD] [Hidden Content]
  5. [MF] Japanese GameCube .ISO's

    Awesome, Appreciate it.
  6. Please Note: Wii Only, Not tested with Wii U, take your chances or risk with the Wii U. It doesn't matter what External DVD drive you have, I can confirm that they all work 100%. No matter what drive you have available. Tutorial: Copy all the files to the - SD Card! In the "Homebrew Channel": Select - Cios 222 - Fallow exact order. 1. 249 2. default 222 3. ios 38 - Recommended Confrim A - Auto Download install with WiFi ENjoy! Uloader Quick Tutorial: 1. Insert burn disc "First" into the External DVD Drive 2. Load - Uloader Have Fun! [Mega Download] [Hidden Content]
  7. This here is a early version of the Homebrew Launcher of Pega Switch, There's really not much anyone can do with it, For now anyone can test the hack with Version 3.0 & 4.1.0 firmware. Tutorial: Switch Homebrew Launcher. How to install and Run The Homebrew Launcher comes with an extensive FAQ, we’ll reproduce below the part on how to install and run. Download latest nx-hbmenu. Put the hbmenu.nro on the root of your sdcard. Insert the sdcard into the device. Set your Switch DNS server to, and perform a connection test. Click “Install”. If you see 2000-1337 on your screen it means installation succeeded. Restart the device, and perform a new connection test. Click “Run”. The exploit is finished when there’s a popup asking you to exit. Go to the home menu and click the Album icon. [MEGA DOWNLOAD] [Hidden Content]
  8. This here is the full game ripped straight from my disc. Call of Duty Black OPS 2 Wii U USA - Size 18.9GB Details: Works perfectly well, accepts Nintendo official game update, plays perfectly online. how to install. Large SD Card - required Recommend "32GB" in size. Format must be "FAT32" Step 1: Extract the zip file, You should have a Folder [Call of Duty Black Ops II WUP-P-AECE] - Now Copy to your SD Card.- ("please Note"): Must have a [Install] folder to place the game in on the "ROOT" of your "SD Card" Step: 2 in the "Homebrew Launcher" use "WUP Installer GX2" to install the game. Step: 3 - Select the game Select Install - choose USB install & exit back to the Wii U menu. - Large external drive recommended. Enjoy your Game. [MEGA Download] - Everything for your SD Card [Hidden Content] [MEGA DOWNLOAD] - Full Game [Hidden Content]
  9. Everything you need here is complete made for your SD Card. 1. RedNand Custom Firmware - After you install RedNand, you must add the files from the PC back to the SD Card. RedNand hack will format after use. Must click again to install firmware. Than it will reset to the Wii U menu screen. This means It's complete. Now you have custom firmware, enjoy any app you have on your SD Card. 2. Haxchi - You must buy Brain Age from the eShop to override with Haxchi. This Hack will allow easy access to the Homebrew Channel without the web browser Exploit. 3. Disc 2 App is the best hack. Just start up the app. Select "A" to "FAT 32 SD Card" - Will ask you to insert a Wii U Disc.--This will Rip the disc in the form of a Install file to your "SD Card". Back on "Homebrew Launcher" click "WUP Installer" select your "game" select "Install" Choose USB, After Installation. Your Done. at times you might have to force restart your Wii U. (You Must Use a Large SD Card) Everything you need is complete. Enjoy. [ Mega Download ] [Hidden Content] Also Download Wii U USB Helper [Hidden Content] Use this URL as part of the setup for USB Helper. [Hidden Content] Tutorial:
  10. The latest Update hack for the Mini Consoles. Now compatible with SNES USA, Super Famicom Japan, & Super Famincom PAL versions. I tested Hackchi 2 with my Japanese Super Famicom Mini with the release of Hyper Street Kart & works perfectly fine 100%. I can also confirm no need to erase any kind of saved data history. Safe to add up to like 40 games. This download includes Official Hackchi 2 & as a gift for your support [Hyper Street Kart Rom]. Tutorial By: ETA PRIME MEGA DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  11. Hyper Street Kart [MEGA]

    Here is the new Street Fighter Rom Hack Hyper Street Kart. Game is already prepared to play. Just load into any Super Nintendo Emulator & Enjoy! MEGA Download [Hidden Content]
  12. Super Nintendo Classic Edition Rom Hack. Add up to 30 games total. All Files are included to run the hack by adding more games to your SNES Mini console. You must carefully fallow the tutorial by avoiding bricking your game console. Enjoy! tutorial BY: 8 Bit Flashback [Hidden Content] MEGA DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]