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  1. Sonic Mania Plus NS

    I really appreciate you for confirming this game works. Thank You for your Reply. I Really Appreciate it.
  2. Sonic Mania Plus NS

    [Hidden Content]
  3. Sonic Mania Plus NS

    Download this game as Fast as you can, before it gets Taken Down. -Most of my uploaded games have been taken down lately, Please confirm a comment if this works for the Executer SX OS. Thanks Game: [Hidden Content] Please Note: I tested this with XCI2TITLE Converter. -Does not work. Only a PRO Hacker can get this converted to Layered FS. I Finally have SX OS, Now I myself can confirm this is Legit and works perfectly fine. Make sure to have "SX OS V1.3". Second Alternative [Hidden Content]
  4. New SNES Classic Hack now play N64 GBA Genesis

    I did not notice, so my bad on my end. Yes this is for the SNES MINI System. I did not notice, so my bad on my end. I did not notice, so my bad on my end.
  5. Now play Nintendo 64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, GBA, Sega Genesis Roms on your SNES Classic system. New verison of Hackchi complete with Retro Arch. [Hidden Content] Enjoy Fallow Tutorial:
  6. Use a Bluetooth device to by enabling your Joy Con to your PC. Joy Con Tool Kit is design to enable the Home Button LED & edit the internal color of your Joy Con. 1. Sync with "Bluetooth" choose "without pairing code" on your PC. will install and ready to use. 2. Enable the software as "Administrator" 3. Once loaded choose "Backup ISP", this will save all your Joy Con data, Later on, can restore all data back to it's default setting. 4. Select "Body & Button Color" Choose any Color, change whatever custom color of your choice. 5. on the main menu, select "Write Color" and your done. enjoy [Hidden Content]
  7. Switch LayerFS New Version Complete "Mega Download"

    Enjoy New Updated version
  8. Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze (XCI) Switch

    Thanks for this game, out of all the other post i experience so far, downloading. This was the best one.
  9. Super Dragon Ball Heros

    Super Dragon ball Heros Episode 1 Size Total: 100MB Release 7/1/2018 I'm only sharing this one. I do not have or own any Subtitles, Japanese only. [Hidden Content]
  10. This is the New LayeredFS Vesion software is fully complete. Tutorial: This new vesion of LayerFS is improved to help backups run more easier on the Switch Console. Exatract all the files in each folder. 1.-Step 1: Load "GameCart1 & 2XCI2TitleConverter" Select your "game.xci" file. Select "Start". This will convert "xci" file to "Fs" with the game original "Title ID". ___________________________________________________ 2.-Step 2: Select the "App" folder, inside you will see "main.npdm Title ID Patcher". Once open, "select browse" Choose your converted FS game. Now choose the "Game" or "Demo" you would want converted to. This will "Patch" to the specific game installed on your Switch system. ___________________________________________________ After Step 1 & 2, launch the Payload provided. = On the Switch screen, select"Launch Firmware" "LAYEREDFS" Enjoy! ________________________________________________ Games I tested & confirmed fully working. -Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze - Octopath Traveler Demo -Crash Bandicoot Insane Trilogy - Ocean Horn Demo -Blaz Blue Tag Cross Battle - Arms Demo -Monopoly Switch - Fortnite -Sonic Mania - Voez Demo -______________________________________________ Backup Games become more compatible with newer games. All converted games must be added in the "Atmosphere" folder on your SD Card. Each game converted should have a ID matching the specific game or demo. Enjoy [Hidden Content] Highly recommend playing games in "Airplane" Mode.
  11. Nintendo Switch Hombrew Menu Hack 4.0 & 5.0

    This Payload is updated to improve Homebrew launcher. includes "Payload 5.0.2" with Files for "SD Card". -- Compatible with firmware 5.1.0 Enjoy [Hidden Content]
  12. Now make full backups of your Nintendo Switch games. works perfectly with the new Xecuter SX OS, - SX PRO OS. Compatible with Firmware 5.0.1 & 5.0.2 - custom firmware. These will convert to a "XCI File" inside your SD Card. Step 1: is to extract "WAINCartDumperNX.nro.zip" into a folder. Step 2: copy "WAINCartDumperNX.nro Folder" with the ".NRO FIle" together inside the "switch" folder on your SD Card. Step 3: Now your ready to Backup your Game Carts. Before you load the "WAINCartDumperNX" on your Homebrew Launcher. Insert the game you want first. finally load, "Press A" it will begin ripping the cart into "game.xci" file. Finally, load the SD Card into your PC, go into swich folder, WAINCartDumperNX.nro Folder, you will see "game.XCI". "Please Note! your only allowed to Rip one game at a time. if you try to copy multiple games back to back. this will over write the existing backup. Use this website to mach up XCi files serial number [Hidden Content] example" Sonic Forces Japan "LA-H-ABQLC.xci" for SX OS place the games only on the root of your SD CARD. Enjoy! MEGA DOWNLOAD [Hidden Content]
  13. This Payload is updated to improve Homebrew launcher. includes "Payload 5.0.2" with Files for "SD Card". - COmpatible with 5.1.0 Firmware/ Enjoy [Hidden Content]