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  1. I just added a bunch of DS games to loadiine and found covers but they're too small 176x248 and my other covers are 320x530. But I guess since they're 3D any time I try resizing them via any program it leaves a white background that looks terrible, like the picture below so my goal is to be able to resize them without the white background. Does anyone know how?
  2. Thank you for this I downloaded quite a few and they work except for one Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story I get a black screen and it never boots and I have to power off/on my Wii U. Is it working for everyone else?
  3. bump
  4. Any way someone can upload this or know where to find it? thanks
  5. Can you say what else is needed for the rest of us?
  6. Does it require a game update or system update?
  7. All I said was that if you want to play it at launch it's Wii U or Switch. CEMU will probably be down the road maybe a long time maybe a short time.
  8. If you want to play it at launch get a Wii U no way around it, or get a Switch and buy a retail copy.
  9. MEGA

    Does this work with Brazilian method? thanks