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  1. Is the site still broken? I can't reply to topics and the other shoutbox isnt working. I'm really bummed.

    1. JJ-KwiK


      clear your cache. The partial update f'ed everything up. It should be good once you clear it.

    2. King


      It worked thank you my friend!

  2. Get your FREE phone controller TODAY ONLY

    1. Truelovetat
    2. King


      The promotion ended so the thread was moved to the graaveyard. :(

  3. I had a conversation with a DU friend last night, and that entire talk gave me a completely new perspective on what DU is and what we are about! I think that talk will make me a better member, thank you (you know who you are)

  4. I am currently online and able to talk!

    1. stinky


      Where are you?

    2. Kings_Queen


      i didnt see you again :(

    3. stinky


      I can see you. Look I'm behind you.

  5. Is anyone on can someone join me in the shoutbox please....

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. stinky


      I'm in the shoutbox its dark in here i can't see you. Where are you?

    3. Kings_Queen
    4. punkydudester


      Sorry buddy out of town for a wedding. Poor service.

  6. Please be sure to say happy birthday to shadowpuppet

    1. dragonbladefly


      links never work on here anymore, hey buddy you back?

    2. Warlock


      They work if you post them as a reply.  It's weird but that's how it works.  Also, I can't seem to find the happy birthday thread to ShadowPuppet but I already wished him one on Facebook!  xD

    3. Truelovetat
  7. Im on right now if anyone wants to talk :)

  8. Im on right now if anyone wants to talk :)

  9. Im on right now if anyone wants to talk :)

  10. Will the next person that sees Truelovetat online please ask him to email asap @ [email protected]? Thank you!

  11. Is online right now! Not sure for how long though

    1. Truelovetat


      what is the dilly yo with your internet anyways.

    2. dragonbladefly


      no!! damn it i missed u D:

    3. beast


      you on internet rationing or something?

  12. Is online right now! Not sure for how long though

  13. I am on and in the other shoutbox if any of my friends are on!!!!

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    2. thatfloorguy


      I see you mentioned friends, no enemies allowed @Khan Muhahahaha xD

    3. wrsg


      other shoutbox? there are two?

    4. Blondy


      must have missed you my friend! didnt see you online :( maybe next time

  14. Thanks for the friend add!

    1. King


      Thanks for being my friend bud