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  1. ransmith

    January 31st, 2012

    Single cell organisms got to big for cell division when they became complex multi cellular organisms they had to fertilize eachother to divide(multiply). When they evolved into complex multi cellular oganisms like us, chickens, dinosaurs, etc. they has to come up with another way to multiply. So i guess the gooey chicken came before the chicken and then the egg.
  2. ransmith

    MegaUpload Revival On It's Way

    Luckily not everything I had was on MU. Only the good stuff.
  3. wow this looks like my bank account draws more intrest in the same amount of time to make 2 cents. oh well its neat i guess.
  4. ransmith

    [MF] Pimp My Wii v2.29

    I'll give it a shot. Havent used pmw in a long time. Usually now i update using manual wad install.
  5. ransmith

    How to add downloaded books to the Kindle

    hmm. I just got the wife a kindle fire for xmas.
  6. ransmith

    [MF] (Android) nds4droid v1.1.4 apk

    ill try it thanks. My phone must not be high end enough. it runs slow but works.
  7. ransmith

    ufo's and 2012???

    Ive watched that. Just theories. Its just a date. Nothing will happen. But the Ancient Aliens makes more sense than organized religion.
  8. They should really use a break away cord or make a wireless one. Mine has been ripped off my ear so many times from people tripping over it.
  9. I posted this too. i didnt realize this was here. I had it posted on wiiso when it came out. My bad.
  10. ransmith

    [MF] d2x cIOS v7 Final

    I stayed on 20b forever
  11. Yeah wasnt sure. I was looking for a wii application section. Figured if someone was looking for a channel they'd see it here. It is a Tut, but not exactly homebrew.
  12. Crap v3.3b with wiiflow and Uloader fix in it. [Hidden Content] This is the work of WiiCrazy. All I did was put some pieces together and uploaded for you guys. Guide to use Crap I made a shortcut of the whole folder to my desktop.(easier that way for me) -Use Crap.exe to open Crap(symbol looks like a little brown pyramid or a pile of crap. Whichever you prefer). -Select open wbfs drive -Select your game -Click use for channel creation -Select which loader you are using -Choose which IOS you run the game from -Some loaders want you to select which partition your using(wbfs,wbfs1,fat,fat1,ntfs,ntfs1,etc.) -Click Create Channel -After you create your channel it wii be in the Wad folder -Move it to your Wad folder on your SD card -Install with wad manager 1.7 YOU SHOULD ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE PRILOADER AND OR BOOTMII INSTALLED FOR BRICK PROTECTION BEFORE INSTALLING WADS. Most of these take 7-10 blocks of your memory. If you have a bunch of these and you want the free space. You can copy them to your sd card and load them from your sd menu. There is a catch though. If you have less memory than the channel is you wont be able to load it (if you have less than 7 blocks you need to move or delete some saves anyway). The wii's i've tested it on are 4.1u, 4.2u, 4.3u using IOS249 rev20b,base ios57,and rev21dx2 249 56 base Works on both ntfs,fat, and wbfs formatted drives When you use the channels,if you use WiiTDB's Winnertag, they show up on your tag. Works for Ocarina. Just make sure its turned on for the game using your loader options. Then it'll work for the channel. On most loaders it gives you the option to load which ios you want to load from. So you can select ios223 if want to play GH5 or ios224,250 for Black Ops for example. I've tested it with a variety of games, and they all work pefectly.