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  1. Happy birthday, King!

    It's King's birthday today! Let's all come together and wish him a happy birthday!
  2. Haha booo! That's the point of these devices lol
  3. [MF] [Android] Top emulators created by yongzh

    Heh... time to spice the Nexus up a bit. Rep+ :-)
  4. July 30th, 2012

    There should be an option for "I didn't spend any because I was broke"
  5. Thanks King. I did it all for you bud.
  6. [MF] (Android) nds4droid v1.1.4 apk

    Optimized for tab or not, I'm still gonna try this out on my N7. Rep man. :-)
  7. Updates: Updated the recovery image to the latest ClockworkMod Touch Recovery Added alternate method for making Clockwork permanent.
  8. Unlocking and rooting the Nexus 7 is actually quite simple. This method took me some digging on XDA, but it should work on any N7, whether you're still running 4.1 or you've upgraded to 4.1.1. Disclaimer: Usual disclaimer about how unlocking and rooting will void your warranty and such. Also, I am not responsible for any damage caused by you following these instructions. I offer these instructions with no expressed warranty. Some things you'll need: 1. The SDK installed along with the Google USB Driver (for adb and fastboot) 2. USB Debugging enabled on your Nexus 7 (This is on by default, so you typically don't have to worry about it). 3. The su available here copied to the storage of your Nexus. [Hidden Content] 4. The CWM image available here in the same directory as adb and fastboot. [Hidden Content] Unlock your Nexus 7 The first thing you need to do is unlock the bootloader. Note that doing this will wipe the tablet to factory settings! 1. Open a command prompt/terminal (In Windows, you may need to run the command prompt as Administrator) 2. CD to wherever you installed the SDK, then cd to platform-tools. 3. Reboot to the bootloader. adb reboot bootloader 4. Unlock the tablet by performing the following command: fastboot oem unlock Linux users will have to run this command with root access, which usually involves using: sudo fastboot oem unlock or su fastboot oem unlock Accept the warning and let it do its thing. Flash Clockwork Recovery 5. Flash Clockwork fastboot flash recovery CWM-grouper-recovery.img The method that worked for me to make Clockwork permanent comes later. All the guides I've found suggest a way that doesn't work. Flash SU 6. Using the volume keys on the Nexus, select Recovery mode and hit the power button. 7. Flash SU by using the volume keys to choose and power button to confirm Install zip from sdcard > Choose zip from sdcard > su-JB.zip 8. Now you're rooted. Optional: Make Clockwork permanent Reboot, setup the device, download ROM Manager, flash the latest Clockwork Mod, then tell ROM Manager to reboot you into recovery. Choose reboot in recovery,and it should ask you to make Clockwork Mod permanent. Use the volume keys to scroll to yes and use the power button to confirm. Alternate Method: Boot into Android after gaining root access and, using a file manager with root access (Root Explorer, ES Strong, etc.), mount the /system as r/w and delete the file "recovery-from-boot.p". You may have to reflash Clockwork. Just repeat Step 3 and then Step 5 and you should be good to go.
  9. Ban The Member Above You

    banned for being harsh
  10. Ban The Member Above You

    banned for wanting to be motm next month
  11. DU's XBL Gamertag List

    My tag is z3rods (since z3ro was either too short or taken... I don't remember which), and I mostly play Skyrim.