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  1. Pretty impressive feat. Good job!
  2. Too disruptive to have it in the Switch Games section anymore or what @staff?
  3. realshotgun


    I don't link steal, I've been quite vocal about that because of Softcobra, Beatzeps and link420 doing exactly that, and putting them behind ads. These were posted here because it's remained an extremely popular thread, even after I had quit supporting it, because I was asked to. I thought I had copied the password too, sorry about that.
  4. realshotgun


    Guess what? New links, no ads. Enjoy.
  5. Indeed, something happened and the game didn't fully upload. I am presently reuploading it to remedy the situation, should be done in an hour. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting me know.
  6. realshotgun

    Battle Supremacy NSP NoBS NoADS

    Someone else messaged me about them and for some reason they stopped just shy of fully uploading. I am remedying the situation now.
  7. I just ran NSPVerify on the file and you are indeed correct. for some reason the whole game didn't upload, just part. I will fix it now. Thank you for the heads up.
  8. realshotgun

    [SO] Siegecraft Commander NSW eShop - iND

    Reject Monetized links. Reject Share Online. Beatzeps gets his content from me and the scene, and neither of us monetize. No Ads, No Capcha
  9. realshotgun

    [SO] Voxel Shot for Nintendo Switch NSW eShop - iND

    Reject Share Online Monetized links. No ADS No Capcha. Everything Beatzeps uploads comes from me or the scene to begin with. He's too lazy to be bothered to upload his own content and too greedy to unlock games for you.
  10. realshotgun

    [SO] Broken Sword 5 The Serpents Curse NSW eShop - iND

    Reject monetized links. Beatzeps can only make posts because the scene or I make them first, and neither of us profit from it. No Capcha, No Ads.
  11. realshotgun

    [SO] Battle Supremacy NSW eShop - iND

    Reject Share Online monetized links. This guy can only be bothered to post something if me or the scene does it first. ALL my links are not monetized with no BS captcha.
  12. realshotgun

    Voxel Shot NSP NoBS NoADS

    ENJOY DMCA took down all my links. Making new ones.
  13. realshotgun

    Siegecraft Commander NSP NoBS NoADS

    ENJOY [Hidden Content]