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  1. Yo back. Is there something I am missing in this post? Otherwise, thanks for checking it out!
  2. You're more than welcome to make one. I'm not going to hash a nearly 2TB torrent, sorry. Are you asking how to open .torrent files or how to unzip 7zip files? One needs a torrent client, the other needs 7zip or winrar, both of which are integral parts to ANY pirate. I don't name them, CDNSP/Nintendo does. If there's one that says USEU, it's likely the one for the US and EU (meaning English and other euro languages) and if there's one that says USEU and another with nothing for the same game, the one with nothing is likely Japan. Rule of thumb, if you see US or you see USEU, that's the one you want for English
  3. Yes, I've even installed and played that one from the copy I uploaded.
  4. DOH. That's because I forgot to actually upload the .torrent link to snip.li. Link is officially there, and ready to use, and been changed (slightly). Thanks for the heads up.
  5. No, I don't have that kind of time. The NEW "S" pack is uploaded. All people need to do is remove the old one, and download the new one. Links the same. It should use whatever you've already downloaded, and download whatever is missing.
  6. Thank you, yes the "S" torrent is being rebuilt as we speak. The person who was uploading it had major issues and didn't realize it until people started noticing things missing. All the missing files have been uploaded, and a NEW "S" torrent is now created. Anyone who previously downloaded "S" can just recheck to use what they've already downloaded as the foundation. Thanks to anyone who points these issues out to me so I can fix them.
  7. The update shouldn't have been in there either because it came out after 8/31 but I had someone helping me with "S" and they didn't know that. Sounds like I need to go back thru and double check their upload. I will modify the spoiler to remove SNK from the list. You can find it at the bottom of the list in the first "addon pack", which is in the process of uploading.
  8. CDNSP is every eshop game that is WORKING, meaning someone has uploaded the key for it so we can unlock it. Since nobody has dumped the key, this game is not yet available.
  9. There were issues with X and Z which are now fixed. Everything else works as it should, I've had multiple people test it. They are case sensitive, and all clickable links now.
  10. Nope. Snip.li works fine, any site is capable of having down time. It works just fine now.
  11. Thank you for saying so. I just want to make it simple for people to get what they need, and get very frustrated when I see "for profit" piracy. I'm spending 100$ a month in server fees right now to make sure there's enough speed to launch these torrents properly, and have no intention of trying to monetize away that cost. The cost to me is my burden, and shouldn't require pay per click and malware captcha's on behalf of the peers who want to download.
  12. They are case sensitive. The links never quit working, I suspect you were just inputting them wrong.
  13. You must have checked it in the 5 minutes I had taken it down to change the torrent. works fine now.